You Need Your Own Site Continued

My Back Yard and Your Own Site? What?

Why You Need Your Own Site

As I sit in my study and look out over my lush green back yard to our back fence, I’m reminded of yesterday’s post about needing your own site for you to have a successful Internet business. What does my back yard and you needing your own site have to do with each other? Let me explain.

My back yard.

We have a fenced in back yard which has been fairly private for us over the years, until about a year ago. Beyond our fence is a large lawn and other residences. Up until about a year ago there were several large trees just beyond our back fence which created at least a sense of privacy. Then one by one the trees were removed for various reasons by utility departments. This left our back yard quite visible by the several residences beyond our fence. With the downward contour of the land, it seemed that all our neighbors behind us had a straight view into our yard. We felt like we were in a fish bowl and there was not much we could do about it. The trees beyond our fence were out of our control and now they were gone.

Your Own Site.

This brings me back to your own site. When you have your site as part of a company hosted page and you do not have control of them, then they are like the trees just beyond our back fence. The trees did not belong to us, we had not control over them, so they could be taken down without our consent.

If you don’t own your own site and have control over it, it can be taken down without your consent. You need to own your own domain and host your site on a hosting service where you have control. You don’t want to have your site as part of a company owned site (, etc) where they control what you can do and they control whether the site is taken down. This is what many MLMs or Network Marketing Business Opportunities will give you as part of their marketing tools.

If you are serious about building a successful online business, you need to own your own site which you control.

Back to my Yard.

Well what happened to my back yard? I searched for a good solution to quickly give us some more privacy. I thought of adding a couple of feet to the height of my six foot fence but that is out of regulation, so not allowed. I thought of planting trees or shrubs, but nothing I looked at seemed to be a good choice. Finally I came across a site about bamboo (we live in central Florida) which grows well with lots of water and heat, and also grows to a height of 15+ feet. I had a row of bamboo planted and now, less than 6 months later there is already considerable privacy and the promise of much more. We’re loving it!

It pays to own your own privacy plants on your property where you can control them. It also pays to own your own site that you have complete control over.

Here’s to your great online success!

Jerry D Ross

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