Work Harder On Yourself than you do on your Job

You Must Work Harder on Yourself


“Work Harder on yourself than you do on your job.” ~ Jim Rohn


Jim Rohn has been known for his teachings on Success and has helped many people achieve the success they desired by following the principles he put forth. One of his most noted teachings on success is that to be successful, “you must work harder on yourself than you do on the job.”


If your life is going to change, then you must change. In order to be a more valuable person financially, you must grow personally; you must change; which takes personal development in areas that affect your financial, social, physical life, etc.


It doesn’t mean neglect the work needed on the job, it means to focus on personal development to become a better and more valuable contribution at work and in life. This all takes personal work, hard work, at times. It takes work to be disciplined to get the exercise we should get; to eat the diet we should eat; to read the books we should read…


We must work hard on ourselves. The more we work hard on ourselves, the more opportunities will present themselves to us to achieve success in whatever area we are working towards.


Most people go to work each day and work hard on the job. They have a good reputation as hard workers and everyone likes them. But will that bring success. Probably not. Not if the time after work is just wasted away. Mr Rohn also said something to the affect that a person can say they have 10 years of experience on a job when in reality they have one year of experience, repeated 10 times. We must not make each year the same as last year. We must work to become better. Improve our health. Improve our minds. Improve our skills.


We must work harder on ourselves than we do on the job. Let’s make today a day of change; a day of becoming a better person. Let’s become a better person Today. Let’s become a better person This Week. Let’s become a better person This Month and this Year and each Year to come.


We can’t make much change to the economy or our country, but we can make drastic change to our own lives, one step at a time. We can make ourselves better which will lead to more successful lives.


Let’s work to become better in all areas of our lives. To do that you must work harder on yourself than you do on the job.


Here’s to your success.

Jerry D Ross

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