What are you really selling?

What are you really selling, anyway?

Do you market an MLM product? Is your Network Marketing Opportunity a Juice? A Vitamin? A Soap? What do you really sell? Whether your MLM Opportunity is a Juice, a Vitamin, or whatever; That’s not what you are really selling!

People want financial success!

What are people really looking for? They are looking for a way to have the financial freedom to spend their time doing what they actually want to be doing. They are looking for a way to make enough money to not have to worry about their bank account. They are looking for a way to have the extra money to give to their favorite charity.

People are not looking for another vitamin. They’re not looking for another soap product. They are looking for freedom! They are looking for financial success!

People are looking for Solutions!

So what are people really looking for? They are looking for Solutions! Solutions to their financial worries. Solutions to getting out of a job they don’t really like or the long hours working for too little money. They are looking for the answers to how to make money from home. They are looking for answers! They are looking for solutions!

So you are selling Solutions!

So what are you selling? Your whole purpose is to provide solutions! You are selling Solutions! The information your provide your readers and the offers you provide for your readers should be giving them solutions! They should be providing direction and guidance that your visitor can take and immediately help them further on their way to success.

The products you lead your visitors to should be solutions to their problem of needing a good system for online marketing. You should be providing a system which your readers can plug into and use to help bring them success. A system with training and guidance to help them grow to be leaders in the Internet marketing business.

Yes, you are selling solutions! Solutions to your visitors who are searching for help in growing a successful Internet business. Everything you do should be with that aim to provide solutions to your visitors.

Here’s to your Success and to your visitor’s Success!

Jerry D Ross

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  1. Joe Alred says:

    Your point is so true, we are not selling the physical products in our marketing efforts, we are selling our own reputation so people will buy our products. So many marketers try to shove their products at their readers. Won’t work!
    Joe Alred

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