Understanding Your Audience

In order to effectively market online, you need to understand your audience. Who they are, what they like, what they need, etc. Attraction Marketing is all about providing material that your visitors would need or want so that they find you and come back to you for more. For that you need to understand your audience, especially when it comes to knowing your audience when marketing with Social Media.

In his article, 4 Ways to Discover More About Your Audience With Social Media, Mitch Monsen explains how to better understand your audience with 4 simple ways. He gave some helpful insight into how to better understand your audience which is a major key to your online business success. Here’s a brief review of Mitch’s article, and his tips to understand your audience.

1. What do they say about themselves?

How do they describe themselves in their bios and other places where they write about themselves. Just analyzing their bios can give you a lot of insight about how your audiences see themselves and therefore how to better market to them.

2. When are they active in Social Media?

Knowing when your audience is online and involved in Social Media can help you more effectively market to them. What time of day they are online can give some insight into their life pattern which can help you relate with them.

3. Who do they listen to?

Knowing who your audience follows and listens to can give you great insight into what they are looking for. This can be a great help as you work to relate with them and provide what they need or want.

4. What content do they frequent?

Knowing where your audience frequently visits on the Internet can provide a great source of understanding your audience. What information sites to they visit often? Where do they typically turn for answers?

You can visit Mitch’s article to get more details as well as links to a few good tools to help you find out some of this information. You don’t have to do all this manually. Find the right tools and use them.

Here’s to your Online Success!

Jerry D Ross

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