Twitter Basics

I wanted to give you some quick and easy points on the basics of Twitter. Tips to help use it to build a successful online business.

1. Relate with people, Don’t try to Sell!

Building a business using attraction marketing is all about relationships. Twitter is all about relationships. The two of them can go very well together if used correctly. Use twitter to build relationships, not to sell. Share helpful information; motivational quotes, useful or interesting stories or pictures. Share information, don’t sell your products.

2. Don’t post sales pages.

Use your blog or Facebook or another friendly page as a link. Introduce yourself to others, don’t throw a sales page at them.

3. Upload a friendly Smiling Picture to your profile.

People want to be friends with friendly people and a picture says so much about you. Use a picture that shows you are friendly and pleasant to be with.

4. Be attractive, share content of value.

Search for valuable content and share it in your tweets. Share useful articles and posts which your followers might find helpful in their business. Share inspirational pictures to help start their day off well. Search for a and find things that will help them do better in their life. They’ll appreciate you for it and be more attracted to your and what you offer in your business.

5. Follow other MLM leaders.

Search out and follow other MLM leaders. Every day find other MLM leaders and follow them. Learn from how they tweet. It will also grow your credibility. And some of them will follow you. In time, your credibility will grow and others will follow your blog or Facebook pages as well. It’s all about relationship building and attraction marketing.

Hope these simple tips help you in your Twitter Success!

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross

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