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Twitter can be a great tool to use either as an assistant to your other marketing methods or as your main marketing method. If you’re not using Twitter, you probably should be. But you should not be using it manually. You don’t have to.

A Great Tool for Automating Twitter.

Socialoomph formerly known as Twitterlater, is a good tool to use to automate some task in Twitter. Even the free version has some useful tools that you should consider using. Below is a list of some of the things that Socialoomph can help you do in Twitter to save valuable time and effort.

1. Auto Replies to Followers.

Send auto replies to new followers. When a new person follows you on Twitter, you can set up Socialoomph to automatically send them a set up message. You can thank them for following you and even include a link to you blog in the message. This way you build respect with them by immediately responding and also you give them an opportunity to follow you on your blog as well.

2 Auto-Follow.

As a business courtesy, when someone follows you on Twitter, it’s often thought that you should return the favor and follow them. Socialoomph allows you to set up auto-following so you automatically follow someone when they follow you. This also builds you network of following in Twitter.

3. Daily Digest of Replies.

The Daily Digest of Replies feature allows you to quickly find those who replied to your tweets. Rather than having to search through you following, you can see just those who replied to you and quickly find a reply you are looking for to continue a relationship with that person.

4. Multiple Social Accounts.

You can manage multiple Twitter accounts with Socialoomph and automate them differently based on your needs.

Many other tools. These are just a few of the tools available in Socialoomph. The free version gives you useful tools and with the paid upgrade you have even more options and tools.

Socialoomph is a Twitter Automation Tool which is well worth your time to try out and see if it works for you.You can find it at

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