Tips for New Twitter Users

New to Twitter? It can seem a bit overwhelming when you first get on Twitter and don’t really know what to do with it. Right? Here are a few Tips that can help you get started. Not the technical part, but the “what do I do first” stuff so you get started using Twitter successfully.

1. Let people know you.

The purpose of Twitter is to share your thoughts and to let others share theirs with you. When you “follow” others, you get notified when they “tweet” something new, so you keep up with what they are tweet over time. When people “follow” you, they are doing the same.

If someone is to follow you, they usually want to know a little about you to see if it’s worth their efforts to keep up with what you have to say; tweet. So you need to let people know you a little. How?

Put a little about yourself in the “Bio” section. Tell where you’re from, your interests, your purpose in tweeting, or other things that tell who you are.

Add a picture to your account setting so people see your face. And SMILE in the picture. People want to be with fun people, so will tend to follow someone who is smiling before someone with a frown.

2. Read before following.

Read what others have written before you follow them. Read their bio. Read what they have tweeted. What they tweet and what they have written about themselves can be a judge of whether they will be worth your time to follow.

3. Post before you build your following.

Tweet a little while before you follow too many others. When you follow others, you want them to follow you. If you have not even put out any tweets, they will have little to go on about who you are or whether they want to follow you.

4. Don’t just be a follower.

Don’t just build up a huge group that you follow without letting a group of followers grow as well. When you are following 200 people and you only have 5 followers, it gives the wrong impression that you are not worth following, so you’ll won’t get followers. Be more selective in who you follow and do some tweeting while your following grows. This give you a history of tweets which tells others who you are so they will want to follow you.

5. Don’t push.

Don’t be impatient with growing a following. It will grow in time as you follow others and tweet valuable information. And don’t push with what you tweet. Build relationships, don’t just tweet advertisements about some product you are selling. If you have a blog or other web site, tweet about what’s on it and lead people to read your blog or site. Give something of value! You will be much more successful giving others something they want, rather than trying to sell them something they don’t want.

Be a contributor. Give value to your followers.

Twitter can be a great tool in building your online business. Don’t be intimidated by it. Use these tips to start with and continue to educate yourself on other methods to use twitter and other tools for marketing success.

Once you’ve gotten more comfortable with Twitter, consider using an automated system to grow your business quickly to success.

Jerry D Ross

Here’s to you Success!

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  1. Good tips that are simple and to the point. Thanks

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