The Importance of Humility in Social Media Leadership

Humility Vs Leadership

To be successful in Social Media marketing you need to share your work with others. Much of the use of Social Media for marketing is to share your work so others will see how it will benefit them and decide to purchase your products. There are other parts of it, of course, but sharing your expertise is a main part.


When does sharing your expertise become bragging rather than just sharing? At what point does sharing too much or too often push humility out of the picture? These are questions many struggle with.


There’s even a term these days for using self-promotion along with humility; or bragging with humility. The term is “humblebrags.” It is the use of self-promotion (bragging) in a humble way. For example: complimenting someone else for their accomplishment while slipping in your own accomplishment. The use of humblebrags may have their place, but is that the answer to humility vs leadership?



So, where is the balance of being humble, and talking about your achievements or accomplishments. Embracing humility in social media doesn’t mean you should never share your material or talk about your accomplishments. Part of using social media for marketing is to share your products and services. There is a certain amount of bragging involved in a since, but it can be done in a humble way. But remember, social media is about being social and engaging with followers.


People need to see that you know your area of expertise. Before people will want to buy the products you promote or work with you in other ways, they will need to trust that you know your stuff. But at the same time most people don’t want to work with someone who is arrogant and overly brags about their accomplishments.


People want to see that you have confidence in yourself; but most people don’t like it when you come across as arrogant.


Jason Mendelson, founder and managing director of the Foundry Group gave this insight on this subject:

“The difference between arrogance and confidence is self-awareness. The confident leader is self-aware of their customer’s needs, their company’s culture and the rapid changes that occur in their industry.”

Charles H. Spurgeon put it this way: “Humility is to make a right estimate of oneself.”


So a good social media leader needs to be self-aware and exhibit confidence in their words and actions, while balancing their confidence with humility.


A good social media leader shares his/her information and knowledge with confidence while avoiding the arrogance that would turn away his/her followers.


So be a confident, yet humble social media leader.


Here’s to your success!

Jerry D Ross

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