Ten Businesses You Can Start from Home

Ten Businesses You Can Start from Home

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If you’re looking to start a business from home, you have so many choices today. You can go traditional or you can go digital. It’s up to you. It depends on who you want to work with and what your current skills are. As you read through these descriptions, make a list of the skills and resources you already have and need to help you choose.


1. Virtual Assistant

A VA has many forms today. But, essentially a VA does administrative-type work from the comfort of their home office for a variety of clients, using technology to work virtually. But today, a VA can choose many niches – from online business manager to social media manager.


2. Freelance Writer

Businesses need content to put on their websites and blogs, and to create information products from. They also need ghostwriters to write books for them to publish on Kindle and even in print. If you fancy yourself a writer, freelancing for others is a great way to start earning money today.


3. Child Care Center

This one is particularly for home mothers are those who love to work with small children. Each state, city and even county have different rules set up for home child care centers. But, in general you’ll be able to watch about six children in your home each day in exchange for money. The fees range from $150 weekly and up per child depending on their age and the other things you offer to differentiate yourself, such as computer training and tutoring.


4. Graphic Designer

With the advent of cloud-based delivery methods for large files, being a graphic designer from the comfort of your home is in the realm of possibilities. If you have an eye for color and design, business owners need banners, advertisements, book covers and more.


5. Private Label Product Sales

Today you can start a whole business by finding products to put your own label on, then selling them via eBay or Amazon as well as your own website. You can find literally any product to add your name to and build a virtual empire.


6. Handmade Items Sales

If you are crafty and are good at making something such as jewelry, paintings, wood items, clothing and more, you can start a business making those items for sale to others. List your items on Etsy.com, eBay, and Amazon Merch, as well as your own website.


7. Flea Market Sales

Today, you can start a flea market right online, making it an excellent choice for a home business. There are sales sites on Facebook, and you can also sell some items on Etsy if they’re vintage. And there is always eBay and your own website. Your best bet is to pick a niche of the type of items you want to sell the most (such as wedding dresses or children’s clothing) and get started.


8. Life or Business Coach

If you have expertise in that you can teach other people, becoming a coach is a great choice. You can coach people using the telephone, Skype, Google, email, groups and more. You can coach people through life events, such as divorce, parenting, or weight loss, as well as business events like product launches and so forth.


9. Personal Trainer

You can do this business in person by meeting people at their location to help train them, or at a particular gym. You can also do it online, much like personal coaching.


10. Consulting

If you have a lot of experience in a certain type of niche business, you can sell your expertise in the form of consulting. Essentially you can advise about a lot of different things, such as reviewing the businesses’ processes to improve upon them, or helping people hire the right employees and so forth.


These ideas might have triggered your creative juices to flow enough to come up with a unique home business idea all on your own. Having a home business is a dream of many, but very few make them succeed. Can you?


Here’s to your Success!

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