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7 WordPress Pluggins You Should Have – Plus 1 Bonus

7 Critical WordPress Plugins You Should Have!

WordPress is a great tool for blogging. It’s easy to set up and easy to maintain. Like everything, there is a learning curve, especially if you’re newer at blogging, but overall it’s simple to use. Also, WordPress has some awesome plugins that help make it even more powerful.

Top WordPress Plugins

Top WordPress Plugins


In case you don’t know, plugins are just little addons to WordPress that add another functionality to the blog. Keep reading and it should become more clear. If you need more details, you can search the web for information on any of the plugins or on plugins in general. Keep checking back for more posts on details of using wordpress and it’s plugins.

Here is my list of recommended WordPress Plugins, not in a particular order:


1. All In One SEO plugin.

The All in One SEO plugin automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for Google and other Web Search Engines. It’s easy to use: just install. You can go into the settings and tweak things, but no need at first because it is pre-set to work right out of the box. Just install it an activate it.

2. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps creates an XML sitemap that helps search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and to be able to more easily find your blog. You don’t need to know what an XML file or a sitemap is or any of this stuff. Just know that by simply installing and activating this simple plugin, you blogs will be more easily and more often found by the search engines. Which means that more people will find your blog. Pretty neat! Right?

3. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator.

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator for WordPress is not necessarily for the search engines. It’s for the visitors. Some people like to go to one sitemap page which gives a quick look at all the pages on the site. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator automatically creates the sitemap page for you and for your visitors. It’s a great addition to your site.

4. WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin.

WP Greet Box is a great tool for helping to personalize your blog when visitors come to you by way of a link in another social media site. For example; if a visitor clicks on a link in Twitter to get to your blog, the WP Greet Box will give them a messages customized to greet them as a fellow Twitter user. It might say something like “Hello fellow Twitter user! Don’t forget to Twitt this post if you like it. Follow us on Twitter! Thank you.” This gives your site a more personal touch which is very important.

5. Disqus Comment System Plugin.

Disqus Comment System replaces the typical comment system in WordPress with a much more interactive and useful system. It’s being used by more and more bloggers. It creates realtime, engaging discussion on your site.

6. Akismet Plugin.

Akismet is spam protection plugin which protects your site from comment spam and backlink spam. It’s used by millions and is known as one of the best spam protection for wordpress. It works automatically without changing settings, but if you want to adjust it, you can. I highly recommend Akismet.

7. WP Complete Backup Plugin.

You put a lot of work into producing your blog posts. You don’t want to chance losing it all. You need it all backup up and protected just in case of disaster. WP Complete Backup gives you that peace of mind to know all your creativity and work is protected and backed up.

Bonus. Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin.

Google Analytics for WordPress is a powerful tracking tool that lets you see the details about the visits to your blog. It gives valuable information about which posts are working and which need some tweaking. It helps you know who visits your site, how long they stay and where they go. Google Analytics for WordPress gives you much more data and information to help you continue to improve your site.

These are just a few of the plugins you could use in your WordPress blog. There are many to review, but these are a few of my favorite. Keep coming back for more posts about blogging and online business.

Here’s to your Blogging Success!

Jerry D. Ross

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