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7 Simple Formulas for Creating Great Headlines

7 Simple Formulas for Creating Great Headlines


You’ve begun your blog. You have ideas for the content you want to write. But how do you get people to read what you write?

The Key is to Create a Great Headline!


Why does it matter about writing a great headline, and how do your write a great headline?


Why is a Great Headline Critical?


  1. If people don’t read the headline, there is very little chance they will read the content of the post. Typically 80 percent of people will read the headlines, but only about 20 percent will continue on to read the rest of the copy. It’s critical to get people to read the headline and that the headline draws them into the rest of the content.


  1. Tests have shown good headlines can increase conversion rate by over 70 percent. Writing compelling headlines to draw people into content is critical for conversion rates.



  1. Today’s readers are rushing from one site to another. The headline is your opportunity to catch their attention and get them to stop to read more of your content. Once they’ve stopped long enough to start reading your content, the first line of copy must compel them to keep reading. And the headings scattered through the copy must compel them to continue reading.


  1. The headline is probably 90% of the reason someone will read your content. It must be compelling and give readers a reason to continue reading.



So you need to be creating headlines that get people to click through and read or view your content (video, etc.). How do you create those great headlines? One way is to use a simple formula and modify it to fit your content subject.


Here are 7 simple formulas for great headlines.


1 Problems / solutions. Offer a solution for people’s problems or fears. For example: “Overcoming the Fear of Speaking.”


2 Truth/Lies, Fact/Fiction. Clear up a confusing or controversial subject; or give facts about a subject. For Example: “Simple, Little Known ways to Boost SEO.”


3 Predictions and History. For example: “7 Predictions for the Future of Video Marketing.”


4 Get What You Want; in Life, Success, Health, etc. For example: “Simple Technique to Better Manage Your Time.”


5 How To, Tips, Tricks: Tell how to do something or tips to do it better. For example: “How to Add Share Buttons to Your WordPress Blog.”


6 Give Lists. Use lists of helpful information. For example: 35 Ways to Increase the Share Ratio of Your Content.”


7 Best and Worst. Write on the best of something or the worst of something. For example: “The 7 Worst Things to Post on Facebook.”



Creating great headlines with your compelling content will greatly increase your blog site traffic. Using this along with other marketing tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc will help propel your blog’s traffic and effectiveness.


Let’s get to writing great headlines!


Here’s to your success!


Jerry D Ross



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