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How to Write Blog Posts That Promote Your Videos

How to Write Blog Posts That Promote Your Videos Business Success


After creating your video, one of the very first things you should do to promote it is to write a blog post about your video. From there you can promote the blog post to all your social media networks, ask your friends to share it, and even use pay per click and other means to promote the post, and in turn to promote the video. There are many ways to approach promoting your video via a blog post.


Describe the Problem

Usually a video is created due to a problem you’re trying to solve or an issue you want to discuss. You don’t have to get right to the video from day one; you can instead work on educating your audience about the problem so that when you provide the answer they’re ready.


Discuss Why You Have the Answers

Blog posts that prove your intelligence on the issue will go far in helping your audience see you as an authority on the topic. Spend some time not only addressing your audience’s thirst for knowledge but also their need to understand who you are, without appearing as if you’re bragging. Remember, when it’s about you, it’s really about them.


Talk about Probable Answers

Before giving the video, you can talk about potential answers to the problem in a blog post or two. You can hint about or lead up to what may be in the video in a way that helps the audience be ready for the video.


Introduce Your Video

A good blog post is one that also introduces your video to your audience. Write about the problem, the solutions, why you’re the right one to offer the solution, and then embed the video for viewing. Ask for comments, likes, shares and suggestions.


Describe a Problem and Provide the Video as an Answer

You can also approach it from a problem / solution standpoint. Describe the problem, and then give the video as an answer to the problem.


Transcribe the Video

Another great way to create a blog post to promote your video is to make an actual word-for-word transcription of the video. Embed the video, and then under it post the transcription. Search engines will pick it up and you will get more viewers.


Expand on the Video

In addition to posting the video with a description, you can expand on the video with more information such as links to the resources you used and more. Provide some behind-the-scenes information that the people who watch the video directly won’t see.


Add Images to the Post from the Video

Clip some images from the video to add to the blog post about the video. This will give those who view the video via your blog a little more incentive to watch the video by getting a sneak peek.


Create Effective Headlines

Don’t forget to create headlines for your blog, along with sub-headlines and bullet points. This will help draw the reader into the blog post and then toward the video based on their initial scan of the video.


Finally, don’t forget the CTA. If you embed the video into one of the blog posts about the video, you can make more CTAs than just “watch” the video. You can ask people to comment, subscribe, and/or buy something based on your video.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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How to Use Social Media to Promote Videos

How to Use Social Media to Promote Videos - Business Success

Promoting videos on social media is a sure-fire way to get more views and find more of your audience. But, when using social media to promote your videos you want to be sure that you do it in such a way as to get more views and more action, rather than bore your followers.


Spruce Up Your Facebook Posts

When you share something on Facebook, you have a lot more control than you may think over the title of the piece and the image. You can learn how to edit the Facebook post so that it’s not just the same image or the same title as every other Facebook share.


Make Your Pinterest Posts Interesting

When you want to promote a video on Pinterest, create a theme pinboard that includes the video you want to promote along with other images, quotes and information you want to share. Creating a themed pinboard will do a lot more for your sharing efforts than just random shares.


Share More than Once on Twitter

There are some people who will say that you should share something every hour on Twitter, although that might be overkill. But, it is true that you should share the same thing more than once on Twitter. Don’t do it all in the same way, though. Share three or more times but use different words each time for your link to attract different portions of your audience.


Use Your Blog

You may not realize it, but your blog is a type of social media too. This is especially true if you open up your blog posts to comments. When you create a new video, you should definitely promote it via your blog by writing a post about the video and then embedding the video into the blog.


As a Comment

If your video is not too promotional but rather a good resource or answer to someone’s question on another person’s video, social media post, forum, or blog post, then you can post a link to the video with a comment about why this video will help them.


Make It Different

Each time you make a post about your video, make the blurb a little different so that it will not appear to be unthoughtful or hurried. You want to attract your ideal audience to view the videos, and that audience might be slightly different on each social media network. They’ll respond to different prompts.


Use Images

Images are more likely to be shared on social media. Pick a good thumbnail for your video and use that to share on social media as an image to go with your video. The image will get the attention of your audience better than any words you can use.


Be Consistent

Never give up promoting your videos. Sometimes, it can seem like everything is so slow going and you’re not getting anywhere in more views for your videos. But, when you keep doing a little bit each and every single day, you will break through and see success.


Using social media to promote your videos is an important way to get the word out about your videos to your audience. In fact, if you want anyone to view your videos, the best way to do so is via social media marketing.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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