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6 Steps to Financial Success

6 Steps to Your Financial Success

Six Simple Steps to Accumulating Great Wealth.


Napoleon Hill once wrote about how to acquire great wealth. He spent years studying the lives of the richest men of his time and compiled the lessons he learned in his book, Think and Grow Rich.

He didn’t want those lessons to be lost, so he wrote them out for future generations to use to acquire wealth. There are those who may argue that money is not important or that having the goal of acquiring money is somehow bad.


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I would be the first to say that money is not everything, but if you live in a society where money is the means of exchange in order to live, you need money. Why do you look for a job if not to earn money? Money allows you to follow other pursuits you desire; it allows you to send your children to college, to give to others in need, or whatever motivates you to use money.

So, anyone who desires to acquire money, should want to know these simple time tested steps to gaining it. Napoleon Hill boiled down all that he learned from the financial leaders of his time into 6 simple steps for financial success. He wrote that “the method by which desire for riches can be transmuted into it’s financial equivalent consists of six definite practical steps.”

Here are those Six Simple Steps to Financial Success.


1. Decide on the Exact Amount of Money You Desire.

It’s not enough to just say I want plenty of money or lots of money. Be definite on the amount. You need an amount to fix your mind on as your goal.

2. Determine What You Will Give for That Amount of Money.

There is no such thing a something for nothing. There is no free lunch. You must put in effort and work. You must know what you will give for the wealth you are seeking.

3. Set a Date by which you will acquire the money.

A goal must have a end date of when it will be accomplished. You mind needs a definite date to focus on in order to better help you achieve that goal.

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Here’s to your Success!

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