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How to Get Low-Cost and Free Advertising for Your Small Business

How to Get Low-Cost and Free Advertising for Your Small Business - Business Success Solutions

How to get low-cost and free advertising for your Small Business is an important issue, especially for a home or small business just starting out. If you want your business to make you money or even just get off the ground, you’re probably going to have to advertise. For many companies, advertising becomes a huge chunk of the overall budget, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of free or inexpensive ways to let people know about your business and get them coming back.



Email is a great, cost-effective way for get your name out there, contact potential customers, and keep existing customers up to date and coming back. And while developing an email list may take some time and effort, sending out an email once you have a list takes very little time.


You can get email addresses by simply asking for them on your webpage about a related topic to your products, asking for them from your customers when you take an order, or offering a free product or service in exchange for an email address.


Many people get emails by offering people products in exchange for the email addresses of their friends, but these are often far less useful than when people give you their email addresses themselves. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the friends really aren’t going to be interesting in what you have to offer.


Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is also a great way to get word about your business out there, and it generally costs you nothing.


The key to starting word of mouth business is not only to tell people to pass the word on to their friends, but more importantly, to treat the customer right so they want to spread the word.


Social Media

Social networking sites are a great way to start a word of mouth campaign about your business. These are sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other sites where people can ad their friends, bands they like, and businesses or products they might be a fan of.


Then, if someone is a friend, the site will often automatically suggest they become a friend with or a fan of the same things. Soon, you’ll have a bunch of people who are all fans of your business – then you can use the page to send updates to all of them about new products, services, and promotions. It’s all free and pretty simple to get started.



Blogs are another way to get people interested in your products and keep current customers up to date. Starting a blog is simple, there are tons of blog sites that will pretty much set the whole thing up for you. The trick is actually getting people to read it.


You can use different SEO techniques including microblogs like Twitter, but you also need to provide quality content that people actually want to read. Start your blog by not only talking about your business and ideas, but also those of other people. If you refer someone to a good article or great deal, they’re much more likely to keep reading.


While you may decide to spend some money on your advertising, you can still supplement with these methods to boost your exposure even more.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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How Technology Can Help Small Businesses Succeed

How Technology Can Help Small Businesses Succeed Business Success


The Internet has been a great leap for everyone, but most of all for businesses. Businesses small and large have found thousands of new avenues to find new customers and serve them better. This is great for those who know how to use all the new technologies, but those who don’t are being left behind. That’s why it’s important for small business owners to learn what technologies are out there and how to use them to their advantage.


Here is an overview of just a few of the ways you can use modern technologies to your advantage.


Getting up close and personal

The Internet has made it easier to reach your customers without ever having to see or sometimes even talk to them. But actually talking to people can help you win over new customers and keep old ones.


Technology has made it possible to have the convenience of Internet business while still talking and being personal with your customers. You can use technologies like Skype to talk to your customers at the touch of the button and video conferencing to have business meetings, give a business talk, or let your customers or colleagues ask questions in a community forum. And most of this technology is free or affordable.



There are all kinds of new and unique ways to advertise your business online. Most people know about advertising methods that have been around for a while like Google ads and online yellow pages, but there are lots of new ways to get your name out online. You can submit press releases about new products and services. Social networking sites are a good way to reach new customers and potential business partners. You can also submit your websites to directories that categories the best sites for people to find.


Can’t afford to pay to air a TV commercial? Most of us can’t, but most small businesses can afford a hand-held video camera. You can make videos and post them to You Tube. They may just help you hit home a point of become more personable to your customers, but if your premise is unique enough, you can send your videos viral and hit a whole new base of customers. An example, thousands of blenders have been sold simply because of the popularity of the “Will it Blend” video series. If you’re creative enough, anything can sell with very little capital behind it.


Keeping customers up to date

In addition to attracting new customers you can also use the Internet to keep your current customers up to date on product and service updates. They can visit your blog, subscribe to your RSS feeds, or even sign up for your latest webinar. All it takes is a little work from you, and your customers will feel your personal touch of service every time they log on.


In reality, there are many other ways you can use technology to your advantage. You just have to keep yourself up to date on what’s available, then mix in a little creativity. The best part is, new technology is always available, so there’s no limit to how far you will be able to go.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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