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Five Ways to Conduct Market Research

Five Ways to Conduct Market Research - Business Success Solutions

If you’re looking into producing a product or service, your first step is usually to conduct market research. No matter how good your product is, it’s not going to sell if it doesn’t meet a need or serve a purpose that is useful to your customers. While you can hire someone to do the research for you, most people can’t afford the thousands of dollars it will cost. Here are five ways to do your own research on an affordable scale.


1. Customer Polling

The easiest way to conduct market research is to poll your current customers. If you publish an ezine or newsletter, include a short survey with it that the reader has the option of returning. If you have web pages, add a survey question or two to the top of some or all of the pages that the reader has the option of filling out.

This is a great way to get useful information on future product releases or improvements for current products from your most likely users. The problem is actually getting them to respond. Surveys should very short, or include some sort of small incentive to respond. This will help increase response to help you get more data.


2. Attend Events

Seminars and other events are a great way to learn the latest market research. Even if the seminars are not specifically about this, the people attending them have done or know the research and many of them are already successful at what they’re doing (and what you want to do). Pick the parts of the seminar that you think will be most beneficial to you, then spend the rest chatting and networking with presenters and other attendees.


3. Focus Groups

Focus groups are a tool researchers have been using for a long time. These are small groups of people brought together to talk about and come up with specific ideas. If you’re working on a topic, you can get together a small group of people who are willing to answer and discuss questions in a group setting. You can do this by actually getting them together, or by getting everyone on a conference call or in an online chat room.


4. Published Data

If you’re looking for a reputable source for market resource, researching published data is the way to go. Take a trip to your local library. While their books are likely outdated, they often have subscriptions to magazines, journals, and journal databases. This way, instead of doing the research yourself, you can simply find the results of someone else’s work. Plus, to make it into these journals, the research must be validated and peer approved.


5. Random Surveys

You can use your local telephone book to conduct surveys in your area. If you are looking into a larger market, use online telephone books to expand your survey. You can pull numbers randomly for general opinions, or narrow down people polled by looking only at small restaurant owners or something else your product would be marketed to. Just realize that this method will take you a lot of time and a lot of calling.


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Jerry D Ross


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The Importance of Self-Development

Self-Development Is Important


Importance of Self-Development

If you have no other reason for self-development, technology is it. Technology is changing constantly, and if you’re not up to date, you’re probably going to be left behind. Even if you choose not to use what’s available, you need to be knowledgeable to keep up with your marketing methods and to figure out how to get ahead of those who are using these technologies.


An important part of being a small business owner is staying connected to other people. You generally need people to work with, and you don’t just need to meet them, you also need them to think you’re knowledgeable and worth working with. Going to classes and seminars not only helps you meet business contacts, it also helps you gain knowledge so you can sound like you know what you’re doing and people will want to give you business.


If you own your own small business, you probably are well aware of the rush you get when you take on a new project or come up with a new idea or new way to get things done more efficiently. Gradually, however, that initial push wears off and you sink back into the same old plodding-through work.


Now imagine if you were learning about a cool new product or idea every few weeks, or even every day. You could keep that energy burst going and going. That’s one of the biggest benefits of self-expansion. It keeps you excited about work and wanting to learn more and do more. And in the end, you get more done.


If you’re working on your own, you don’t have a boss to constantly offer to send you to meetings and conferences to expand your horizons. That means you have to find them yourself.


There are all kinds of options out there for self-expansion. Here are just a few general categories but the list goes on:

– E-books

– Seminars

– Local classes

– Online courses

– Newsletters


With all the options available, it’s may be hard for you to figure out which direction you want to go. There are thousands of programs, newsletters, seminars, ebooks, and all kinds of products out there to help you expand yourself and your business.


Before you try to find ways to develop yourself, you need to figure out what you want. This means setting your priorities and business goals. Do you want to make lots of money? Do you want to help others? Or do you just want to have a career your can balance with your already full life? What you want is the most important thing and should be your starting point.


Once you have a vague direction, talk to other people with the same interests and ask for options. Starting with things like newsletters and message boards are great because they’ll probably help you find more information for self-expansion. The key to staying successful is to never stop learning.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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