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5 Critical Keys to Business Success

What’s it really take to succeed in Business? You want to be financially independent, or have time freedom. You want to spend time with your family, give to a charity, leave an inheritance for your children. Whatever the motivation that drives you to want your own business; How do you really make it work? How do you succeed?

Here are some of what I feel are the most important keys to growing a successful business; whether an online business or an MLM, or a Network Marketing Business. Whatever the business, these Keys will help you succeed.

1. Have a PLAN!

To be successful getting to where you are going, you have to have a plan of how you’re going to get there. You need a plan!

Decide what you want to accomplish; Make $100,000 a year; Make $20,000 per month; Have multiple forms of income. Decide what you want to do; what constitutes success to you. What’s your goal?

Decide how you will accomplish that goal. What avenue will you use? Blogging? Twitter? Facebook? Youtube? What tools or methods will you focus on. Just start with using one or two. Starting off with too much to learn and keep up with can be overwhelming and cause you to want to quit.

Plan your daily steps to accomplish your goal. Will you post a new blog or video every day? Will you tweet 10 retreats per day? What steps will you take to grow your business. How often will you do those steps. Make a plan that you can stick with.You can modify the plan as needed, but you need a plan to start with.

5 Keys to Business Success

5 Keys to Business Success


2. Take Action! Take Action! Take Action!

Did I say take action? Yes! Once you have a plan, then you need to work it! You must take action! Every day do something to further your success. If your plan is to write a blog every day, then every day write a blog, even if it’s not that great, post something useful. Make a promise to yourself to take action and keep that promise.

Marketing leaders know that the number one reason for business failing is the lack of action.The only way anyone is going to succeed is to do the things that lead to success.

We can write out the action steps that will bring more traffic to our site. We can learn the steps to grow our followers on Twitter. We can learn and plan out just what it takes to be a 7 figure income earner. But if we don’t take action and do those steps, we will never even make a profit on our business.

The key to a successful business is action. The only way to have a profitable business is action. The right Action!

3. Be Persistent!

Another major key to business success is persistence. We must simply keep on keeping on! Winston Churchill said it well: “Never give up! Never Give Up! NEVER GIVE UP!”

We tend to get all hyped up when we start out. We write out our goals. We make our plans. We start out in a dash. But then, as time goes on we don’t see the results fast enough and we begin to second guess whether our efforts will pay off.

Your efforts will pay off, if you plan well and take action and never give up!

4. Use a Working System. Learn from others.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Learn from others. Use a working system. There are 7 figure income earners who will gladly share with you how they got where they are. Many of the successful “gurus” of the industry share their wealth of information and techniques. Use them!

Visit the websites of the successful and learn from them. Use a system already set up that you can just plug into to learn from. Use a system that gives you training as well as good material to share with your followers and start you making money right away. An excellent system I recommend is MyLeadSystemPro, which has brought together the best leaders in the industry as trainers and coaches. They provide tons of training material and they have a already set up system of resources you can offer your followers to generate income as you grow. Check them out.

5. Have Fun!

This business is about about having fun! A successful business should be about helping others be successful. It’s about sharing good information and resources with others so that their lives are better and they can be more successful.

Sharing what you know with others and seeing others succeed is fun! You will enjoy the benefit of success as they succeed, but seeing them succeed is fun! As you give to others, it will return to you manifold.

Share with others! Have Fun!

I hope this little list of business success tips is helpful for you.

Here’s to your success!

Jerry D Ross

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