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Podcasting 101 – Questions and Answers

Podcasting 101 – Questions and Answers - Business Success Solutions

What is podcasting?

It’s simply a digital recording available for download on the internet.


Who can benefit from a podcast?

Just about anyone who has a website or online business can benefit. The podcast can be an extension of your website and you can record information each week about your topic and even add expert interviews.


A podcast is a nice addition to your online business which can be quite interactive if you invite listeners to contribute and leave their comments. A podcast can also be a mode of fresh, updated content – which the search engines love – for your website.


You can do this by having the audio podcasts transcribed and adding the text to the pages of your website. It’s a great way or repurposing your content.


What equipment do I need to get started?

Getting started with a podcast is fairly straightforward. You need a microphone which you can find on or at your local computer store. You also need some sort of digital recording equipment. This is as easy as using a service like Audacity or Audio Acrobat.


This equipment is easy to use and allows you to record your podcast. To interview guests for your podcasts, the easiest service to use is It’s free to use and allows you to record interviews with one or more people.


To edit your podcast, you can use the tools on your digital recording software. It’s not very difficult to do and you can remove certain parts of the podcast or play around with it a little until you’re happy with the end result.


How long should a podcast be?

There isn’t really an industry average but the length will depend on whether you’re interviewing someone, have a group of hosts or are simply doing a simple one-person style podcast where you do all the talking.


The length should also be dependant on your topic or market. If you’re offering a how-to podcast it needs to be as long as it needs to be for you to show people how to do something.


Use your common sense as to how long it will be, but do realize that people’s attention span online is quite brief. It’s not easy for most to sit through a long podcast unless they are extremely interested in the topic. Keep things interesting and lively, and be succinct.


How do I find people to interview?

Once you start your podcast you’ll be surprised at how many people are open to interviews. When you interview someone they’re gaining publicity for their business too – so it’s a win/win situation for all involved.


To find people, include a section on your website which lets people know that you’re looking for experts to interview. Or simply contact people you’d like to interview directly. As the saying goes – you never know until you ask.


Podcasting is a great addition to any website. It can be a means of attracting a following of loyal visitors who can then become potential customers/clients. You can also use it as a mode of additional content for your website, which will benefit your search engine status.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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How to Bring More Visitors to Your Site, Consistently

How to Bring More Visitors to Your Site, Consistently


We all want more traffic to our sites. Traffic is what drives Online Marketing Success. The more visitors you have on your site, the more leads you can get and the more potential sales. More visitors is good, but how do you bring more visitors to your site on a consistent basis?

How to Bring More Visitors to Your Site, Consistently

Below are 5 tips on how to bring more visitors to your site, consistently.


Create Fresh Content Consistently.

One of the first thing that affects traffic to your site is having fresh content. Fresh content ranks higher in the Search Engines and also tends to bring people back to your site. With old, stale content, visitors may come once, or so, but eventually they will stop coming back, thinking nothing will change.

Fresh Content keeps the search engines happy, increasing your SEO. Search Engines just don’t like old, stale content as much.

So consistently create fresh content on your site.


Share Your Content on Social Media

Consistently share your blog posts, etc. on your Social Media profiles. You’ve created great content, so be proud to share it with others. Sharing with others will peak interest if the content shared is fresh and interesting. Share what you think your followers would appreciate seeing. Caution: Don’t over share and turn your followers off.


Share you Content in Social Groups

You can find Groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. who have a similar interest as your content. Just do some searches for groups with similar interests as your niche. Find a few good groups (those of similar interests which are active).

Share your best content on these groups. They in turn may re-post the content to their friends and followers. Always share relevant, helpful content. Again, Caution: Don’t over share and wear out your welcome. Also, don’t post Sales Pages or Capture Pages. Those will turn people off quickly.

Sharing your Great Content in Social Groups should lead to more shares and more visitors to your site.


Use an Attention Grabbing Picture in Your Post

Use an interesting, attention grabbing picture in your post so when you post it on Facebook, the picture shows up. Facebook is one of the best places to share a post with a good image in it. With a compelling image in your post, it is much more likely to be shared by your followers.

As a side, be sure to use legal images. It’s often easy to just grab any picture you find, but check that it’s legal to use before using.


Use Call to Actions

Use call to actions in your blogs, asking your readers to take the next action step. Use persuasion as well in your writings, compelling your readers to leave a comment or follow through by sharing your content, or giving their contact info in exchange for something you are offering.

Your visitors are typically coming to your site to find information. They are looking for direction. Give them direction with a Call to Action and some persuasion toward the next step. It’s to their benefit.

So, use call to action and persuasion.


I hope you’ve found these 5 tips on How to Bring More Visitors to Your Site to be helpful.

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