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How to Add a Sidebar in WordPress

Adding a Social Media Sidebar

How to Add a Sliding Social Media Sidebar to Your WordPress Blogg.


In Internet Marketing using Social Media, it is important that people who visit your site share your site with others. With a blog page, it’s important that people “like” your post in Facebook, or “tweet” your post to Twitter. A floating sidebar on your post is a great way to encourage visitors to share your posts.

Have you seen the sliding sidebars on other blogs with the social media buttons and wondered how they put them there? You know, the ones that stay on your screen when you scroll down so you can tweet the page, or like it on Facebook, etc.

Have you wondered how to put those sliding sidebars on you blog page and thought it might be pretty complicated? Well, it’s not very complicated. It doesn’t take a lot of technical skills to add one to your own blog site.

Sidebar on

Below are some simple directions to adding your own sliding sidebar to your wordpress blog page. I’ve added some screenshots to make it more understandable. If you still need assistance, be sure to check out the instructions given in sites such as WordPress itself.

Here are the directions to adding the Sliding Sidebar to your Blog. This is assuming you already know your way around WordPress and how to add plugins.

1. Search for the plugin for a sliding sidebar.

First you have to go to the Plugins section of WordPress and search for a sidebar plugin. I use the Digg Digg plugin by Buffer. There are others available and it’s your choice to research and choose another one. For this example I’m using Digg Digg.

Digg Digg Actiation

Go to the “Plugins” area of WordPress; Choose “Add New.” In the search box, type “Digg Digg” or whatever key words relate to the sidebar plugin you’ll use. Hit “Enter.”

You should then have a list of plugins that match your search. Click “Activate” to activate your plugin. In this instance, activate Digg Digg.

2.Configure Your Sidebar

Once activated, you should probably refresh your browser (hit “F5” on the top row of keys). You should now have a new menu item on the left menu of WordPress called “Digg Digg.” How appropriate!

This will give you sub-menus to use to configure the Sidebar. You have options to make it stay above or below the post, instead of on the side, but assuming you want it on the side, click “Floating Display” and click the check box to “Enable Floating Display.”


You will then scroll down on the same page to check which buttons you want enabled on your bar; for example Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. You also have options of how you want the bar to display, such as size of buttons, but I’ll let you experiment with that yourself to find what you feel will work best for you and your site. Keep in mind that depending on your host, and internet speeds, etc. your changes may not be noticed immediately.

3. Enjoy more shares from visiters.

So, this is how you add the Social Media Sidebar to your Blog. Now your visitors will be able to easily share your great posts with their followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

Here’s to your Social Marketing Success.

Jerry D Ross

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