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Do You Have the Olympic Spirit?

Do You Have the Olympic Spirit?

As we watch the Winter Olympics or any major sports event we see the great achievements of men and women from around the world. We marvel at their feats of physical accomplishment; their dexterity, their skills, their strength, etc.

They make it all look so easy, right? But was it always easy for them to do what they do? How much time and energy went into the preparation that brought them to this point in their lives where they can perform such amazing things? What drove them and what continues to drive them to achieve what they do?

Are You and Olympian?

These are things we might ask about the Olympic Athletes, but they are also things we can and should apply to ourselves in our Internet marketing endeavors. When someone sets out to become an Olympic Athlete, they set high goals for themselves and begin their journey to the Gold Medal. They weigh the cost and decide that the price if worth it. They set their plan and work every day to become better and better at their area of expertise. They eat and drink of it. They think about it every spare moment. They dream of the Gold Medal and work hard to obtain it. They focus on achieving that Medal and they will not let themselves quit.


They do all this for a little piece of gold on a cloth ribbon. We, on the other hand set our dreams on success in life, on financial freedom, on benefiting mankind in our area of expertise. Whatever your reason for being involved in Internet marketing, you need to be an Olympian at achieving it.

We have or should have goals in our business pursuits. We need to have a definite goal of what we want to achieve. We need to have a definite plan of how we are going to get there. We need to work every day at getting better and better at our area of expertise. We need to eat and drink of it every day. We need to dream about achieving it. We need to visualize ourselves achieving the goals we set for ourselves. We need to never quit.

Here’s a list of lessons we can learn from the Olympics and the athletes who compete in it.

1. Have a Definite Goal

2. Have a Definite Plan to Achieve that Goal.

3. Work Every Day to Follow that Plan Become Better and Better at Your Area of Expertise.

4. Visualize Yourself Reaching Your Goal. See yourself receiving that Medal.

5. Keep Your Goal Forefront in Your Thoughts. Eat and Drink of it.

6. Never Quit!

The mind always moves you toward your current dominant thought. ~ Denis Waitley

Never, never, never give up. ~ Winston Churchill

Here’s to your success!

Jerry D Ross

What’s your Winning Game Plan?

What’s your Game Plan for Winning in Online Marketing?

To win at the Olympics or in any sporting event, there has to be a plan. There has to be a plan of what exercises to do; when to work out; who to have as a coach, etc. The same applies to us in network marketing and Internet marketing. We have to have a plan of what we’re doing and how we’re going to do it.

Game Plan

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What’s your plan for success? How do you plan to be where you want to be in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years? Here are some simple tips that may help you get your plan in place and achieve the success you want to have. That is if you do want success. I hope you do and I’d love to see you succeed in your online business.

Here are some simple tips to help you with your Winning Game Plan.




1. Know your WHY?

Why are you doing this stuff anyway? Why put all this effort into starting and running a business? What’s your real reason? Do you want time freedom? Do you want financial freedom? Are you tired of wondering if the next pay check will cover your bills? Are you wanting to have extra money to give to a charity? What’s your reason for all this?

Unless you know your WHY and remind yourself of it regularly, it will be easy to forget the importance of putting time into your business. It will be easy to allow yourself to watch your TV when you should be writing your blog.

Know your Why!


2. Develop your Game Plan.

Build your game plan. What tools will you use in your business? How will you use the tools? How often will you work the tools? What kind of team will you build?

Now that you know your why; You need to plan out the what, how, when and who of your game plan. Decide what main tools you’ll work with; Facebook, Blogging, Twitter, etc. Plan out how often and when you’ll work those tools. Will you write a blog every day, or 3 times a week, etc? What works for you. Keep in mind that the more you work your plan the faster things will grow for you, but be realistic for your life.

Who, or what type of people will you bring into your team? Will you focus your attention on business owners, start ups, etc?

Develop your Winning Game Plan.


3. Work Wisely.

Be smart in what you spend your time on. It’s easy to spend hours searching for tips and information on how to do this or that. It’s easy to keep listening to seminars and trainings. It’s easy to get caught up learning html (for some of us, anyway) or working to tweak your web site to look just right.

You need to spend time on your business and work hard on what you do, but you need to also work smart. If you’re using blogging, for example as your main tool, it is probably smarter to spend time writing a blog, rather than tweaking your site to look just right. I don’t mean leave your site looking shabby, but balance what is most important at the time.

Be smart with your time. Work wisely!


4. Learn your game.

We just implied don’t spend all your time studying and learning; but on the flip side, you do need to learn your business. Read related material in blogs, articles, books, etc so you become the best you can be at what you are doing. Follow the experts in the business and learn from the gurus. This is critical to your success. As with everything, have balance. But learn your business. Continually grow in knowledge about online marketing.

Learn about business success!


5. Be Yourself!

Putting yourself out there for the world to see can be a scary thing for some. Writing your thoughts out for others to read can bring negative feedback, but don’t let it bother you. Be yourself, be real. People will appreciate getting to know you better as they read your material and appreciate you for what your share. That is if you share useful, helpful stuff that others can use and appreciate.

Don’t try to put on a show of something that you are not. Just be yourself. Be friendly. Be someone others would want to follow.


6. Have Fun!

Online marketing be really fun! You meet a lot of friendly people who what to see you succeed. You meet some interesting characters and some really neat people.

It’s fun to learn the business and then share what you learn with others. Often you’ll learn something new and think, wow, why didn’t I think of that; Or wow, I need to share that with others; every internet marketer needs to learn about that. It’s fun to see your thoughts put into words for others to see and learn from.

It’s a business, but it’s a fun business. Have Fun!


7. Don’t Give UP!

Winston Churchill once said “Never Give In. Never Give In. Never Give In.” I can’t put it much better. Business success is achievable for you; YES YOU! It won’t necessarily be easy; it will take some sacrifice of your time and efforts. But it is achievable!



Here’s to your Winning Game Plan Success!

Jerry D Ross

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