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How to Boost Your Energy Level!

Do you have the High Level of Energy you need?

These 5 Hour Energy Drinks have become more and more popular. People are trying to keep themselves going through the day with coffee or other drinks. But is it effective in the long run? Is there a better way? Yes!

High Energy

To be successful in business and in life we need energy to do the things that need done. If we are sluggish and tired all the time it’s hard to accomplish the tasks we know we need to be doing to success in business. It’s also hard to enjoy our free time if we spend it sluggish and tired. The quality of the time we spend is critical to success. If tired, can’t be as effective in your work.

People who are highly successful in their work or business typically work harder and have more energy than the average person. They may need to put more hours into their business in the beginning or they may need to work a regular job at first and build a business on their off hours. It requires high levels of energy and enthusiasm to work hard and long when necessary.

Brian Tracey gave 7 keys to high energy living in an audio presentation for Nightingale-Conant’s Insight series. They are simple, time tested principles to help build and maintain good health and high energy. I’d like to review those 7 points with you in hopes that you will see their importance as well and that it will help you have the good health and high energy to help you in your business and life.

7 Keys to Maintaining High Energy


1. Maintaining Proper Weight

Extra weight drags down your body and slow you down. It tires you out more quickly and causes you to have less energy. When you loose excess weight you feel better about yourself. If you’ve lost extra weight before, you’ve probably felt a boost in your energy and self-esteem.

2. Eating well

There is no mystery about eating better will give us better health and more energy. It’s simple to eat better, yet hard for us to do sometimes. We need to eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. We need to eat less fats, sugars, white flour and salts. Drink lots of water!

I’ve found the benefit of this point in my life. I’ve made it more of a habit to eat more fruits and vegetables over the last couple of years, especially, and I’ve found a great difference in having consistent energy through the day. Just eating a piece of fruit at each break during the day, tends to reduce yearnings for candies and other sugar products.

Eating more fruits and vegetables and other natural products helps promote good health and high energy.

3. Combining Foods Correctly

I had not known that how you combine foods has much effect on digestion and energy before hearing it from Brian Tracey, but it makes since. For example: When we eat meats, our bodies secrete acids to digest it. When we eat starches like potatoes, our bodies secrete alkaline to digest it. When we eat meat and starches together the body secretes both acid and alkaline. Alkaline and acid neutralize each other and your body has to work extra hard to digest the meal.

Your body has to work hard and pulls blood from your brain making you sluggish. Like so many of us, one of my favorite meals is steak and potatoes; but that is one of the worse meals for maintaining high energy.

4. Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly is a well know means of maintaining good health. It is also a big contributor to high energy. Regular exercise keeps your body functioning at it’s peak and your energy level high.

Insight CD

5. Adequate Rest

Sometimes we try to burn the candle at both ends thinking that we will get ahead. In the long run, though your body will run down so that you are not functioning at your peak and so will not produce effectively. Your body needs adequate rest each day. Normally we need about seven hours of sleep each day on a regular basis to maintain high levels of energy.

6. Correct breathing

Your body functions best when it has lots of oxygen in the blood stream. Proper breathing is what supplies that oxygen to the blood and to the body. We need to practice regular, deep breathing to have high levels of energy.

7. Positive attitude

Your attitude can have a tremendous effective on your energy level. When you are depressed or in a negative attitude, your energy level plummets, often making you want to sleep or just waste the day in worry. A positive attitude on the other hand will help your energy level rise. We need to maintain a positive attitude and outlook in order to maintain a high level of energy.

All of these points work together to build high energy. They are not separate or distinct in that one builds on the other. All add up in time and effect your energy level. Practicing these health habits add up over time and continually increase your energy levels so you can maintain high productivity on your way to great success.

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross

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IF You Believe – You Can Achieve!

What the mind of man can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve- Napoleon Hill


Most of us have heard the above quote or something similar at some time in our lives. But do you believe it? No pun intended.

Think and Grow Rich

Belief is thought by many successful people to be the most important aspect of achieving success in anything we desire to do. Napoleon Hill, who made this concept famous in his book Think and Grow Rich, explained how this was one of the deciding traits of successful people of his time whom he spent 20 years researching and interviewing. He found this to be one of the single most important traits a successful person has to have to achieve the success he/she is working toward.

Brian Tracey worked with Earl Nightingale to produce a great series of tapes called Nightingale-Conant’s Insight. It was a series of cassette tapes in the 1990’s which brought messages on various success and self-improvement topics from leaders in the fields. In one of the tapes on Optimal Living, Brian Tracey talked about the need to have strong belief in order to achieve great success. He said,

The most important quality you’ll ever develop is an unshakable belief in yourself and your ability to be an extraordinary success in life.” ~ Brian Tracey


He went on to discuss how almost everyone has ability to achieve great things in life, but greatest obstacle to achieving that greatness is that people don’t believe that they have the capability to achieve greatness.

We have feelings of inferiority and don’t believe that we are worth much and tend to believe that we don’t deserve success. We feel that success is for someone else, not for us.


The thing that can keep us from having what we want is our lack of desire to have it. If we want something enough, nothing will stop us from having it, if we are willing to work for it long enough.

Just like an athlete must work hard on themselves to achieve great success in sports. They must work consistently on their bodies to build muscles and stamina. So, we must work hard on our minds and inner beliefs to build mental muscle and stamina to achieve our goals. We must work hard and with consistency. We must persist towards our goals, just like a great athlete.

So often, instead of maintaining strong self-confidence and belief that we can achieve what we set ourselves to achieve; instead of maintaining positive beliefs, we tend to have self-limiting beliefs. We tend to hold to feelings of inferiority and negative beliefs that we can’t achieve our goals and be a success.

We tend blame our situation on our background or other limitations put on us outside our control.

The starting point of changing your beliefs is to have the courage to question them. Ask yourself if you have beliefs that are not true and have no basis in reality.

We tend to cling to our excuses and assumptions about our lives, rather than challenging our excuses and assumptions.

Whatever you believe, with feeling, become your reality. If you truly believe it with emotion and feeling, you can achieve it. You don’t believe what you see, instead, you see what you believe. That is, you must believe in something beyond your current reality (what you see now). And eventually you will see (your future reality) what you believe (now).

Belief creates the reality of what you believe. We act in way that is consistent with our deep beliefs. When you really believe you are capable of achieving success, your actions will work in unison with your beliefs and your actions will make your beliefs become reality. What you think, your thoughts, become your reality. What you think in your mind eventually becomes your world. We act on the outside, in way that is consistent with what you believe in the inside.

Your main task in life is to work on building an unshakable belief and self-confidence in yourself to achieve your goals. The rest will take care of itself. It will follow your belief and self-confidence.


People who achieve extraordinary things are just normal people like you and me, but who develop themselves to the point that they are able to overcome any obstacles that get in their way to success in the area they choose to work at.

They never stop until they have achieved their goals.

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross

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