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Using Niche Marketing

Is Niche Marketing right for you?

We hear about using niche marketing as a method of Internet Marketing and so many expound how effective it is in making money. Is it something you should be using? That depends. If you’ve read many of my posts, you’ll find that I emphasize educational marketing; that is, providing information that others are looking for to help draw visitors to your site. This is what niche marketing is all about, only focusing more narrowly on a specific niche. Let me explain.

What is Niche Marketing?

A Niche is a smaller area of a broader field; for example a broad field might be furniture sales; a niche in that field might be beds and accessories for beds. Niche marketing involves narrowing your marketing efforts down to a particular area, focusing on that particular product or service. I love Trikes, that is, three wheeled recumbent human peddled cycles; see the picture at the top of the page with me on my recumbent trike. I could use trikes as a niche to market.

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One way to use niche marketing on the Internet, is to have a blog focusing on the niche you choose and write posts about that niche. You could write about how to use that product, how to repair it, the various models and types, etc. The subject is almost endless. Then on the blog you could have links and ads for products and services relating to that niche which you have set up with affiliates accounts so you get paid a percentage of any sell. For example if I had a blog about Trikes, then I could have links and ads directing visitors to sites which sold trikes, accessories etc.

The blog draws visitors in who are interested in the niche. Then they click on the links and ads on the blog and buy the produces or services and you get some of the profits from the sells. The process of building and running a niche marketing business is much the same as other online network marketing businesses, only you focus on a smaller niche, rather than a large product or service field. There are advantages and disadvantages of using niche marketing. Here are some of them:

Advantages of Niche Marketing

Here are some of the main advantages of Niche Marketing:

1. Follow you Passion! If you are passionate about a particular niche, then you will be more enthusiastic about it and it will be easier for you to stick with it. Are you passionate about biking, skying, reading, singing, cooking, etc. If you have a passion in a particular area, maybe you should consider building a niche marketing business around that area.

2. Easier to become the Expert! Since a niche is a smaller subject, you can become more of an expert, more quickly than trying to learn a larger subject.

3. Could more easily raise your SEO ranking. You want the search engines to find your site. With a smaller niche, it will be easier to build your search engine ranking than with a larger, broader subject. You have less competition, so more chance to dominate the ranking.

4. Write about a topic you know. If you chose a niche you know well, you won’t have a much of a learning curve and you might even be able to write off your own knowledge without much research much of the time. You don’t have to be a marketing expert, so much, just write about what you know. Of course, you still need to learn marketing some to make your site effective.

Disadvantages of Niche Marketing

1. Hard to find a niche not already dominated. If you want to find a niche just because it is easy to dominate, there aren’t as many left and they’re hard to find. If you want to follow you passion or interest, then you will work with what you already have in mind.

2. May be harder to think of subject matter. With a smaller niche it might be hard to come up with a blog topic when you sit down to write.

3. You may become bored with a smaller topic. If it’s not your passion or at least an interest, you may get board and lose interest in writing about it.

Is Niche Marketing for you?

Niche Marketing is a great way to market online. The decision whether it’s the right method for you is a personal choice based on your individual interests and motivations. I hope this information is useful in your decision. Let me know how it goes.

Here’s to your marketing success!


Jerry D Ross

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