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5 Tips to Attraction Marketing

Succeeding at Attraction Marketing

A lot has been written about Attraction Marketing, yet we still see so many on the Internet try to push their products on whatever audience they can find. Attraction Marketing is a method of marketing where you draw people to you through providing value to their lives and making them want to come back for more; making them want to follow you. You become an expert whom others want to associate with and learn from.

There are many ways to build that reputation of being a leader, an expert, a trustworthy business partner. Those methods include using Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Websites, or a number of other mediums. The point is not which medium to use, but how to use it.

Here are a few basic tips to succeed in Attraction Marketing:


1. Know your audience and address their issues.

Are they other business owners? Then provide business information and solutions. Are your audience health conscious people? Then provide health solutions.

2. Provide valuable information to your audience.

When you provide value and useful solutions to peoples problems, they will want to come back for more of your information and solutions. Provide valuable information that is useful and usable in and of itself.

3. Be likable.

No one wants to do business with or follow someone who is not likable. Even in the seemingly small things like your pictures, be likable: Smile in your pictures or videos. Be positive in you messages. Share uplifting and beneficial information that brings good to others. Be likable.

4. Let your products or services naturally flow from your material.

Don’t shout out at your audience that you have the only product worth considering. Let you offers flow from you messages and let you audience choose to accept the offers as they desire. When you provide valuable information to your audience, some will want to know what else you provide and look for the products you offer.

5. Provide Solutions!

People are looking for solutions to their problems. Business tips. How to instructions. Time management techniques. Provide answers to the issues a business owner would have.

Help your audience feel welcome and cared about. Draw them to you with honey, don’t drive them away with vinegar. Be a friend and leader who can be relied upon to provide trustworthy solutions to life’s problems.

Here’s to your Attraction Marketing Success!

Jerry D Ross

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7 Steps to Organizing

We appreciate well organized books, especially on the subject of getting organized.

You Can Find More Time for Yourself Every Day: A Seven-Step Plan That Will Change Your Life by Stephanie Culp is a fine example, with main points in bold type, and plenty of checklists.

Here are her Seven Basic Steps to Organizing:


 1. Understand the value of your time and the importance of balance in your life.

Your time is valuable; each moment, once spent, is gone forever. Remember that, and make it a point to lead a balanced life that includes time for all of the really important people and activities in your life.

2. Decide what you want out of lifeand go for it.

The biggest decisions you can make are those that concern what you really want to do and have in life. Set both short-and long-term goals, and make it a point to incorporate those goals into your action plan on a regular basis.

3. Prioritize and plan regularly.

Not everyone and everything is equally important. Pay more attention to prioritizing the people and activities in your life, and then plan accordingly. Make prioritizing and planning a daily ritual so that each of those days has maximum value for you

4. Organize projects and manage your schedule effectively.

Everyone has the same twenty-four hours each day to spend; those who do it successfully do so by organizing projects logically and managing their schedule realistically. Learn how to master project management and scheduling skills, and you’ll spend your time successfully as well.

5. Work on overcoming everyday obstacles.

Everyday, time-consuming obstacles are often the result of poor habits. Those habits can easily be eliminated or replaced with better methods that can equal more time for you every day. Resolve now to change the habits that are holding you back and replace them with habits that will move you forward.

6. Simplify and streamline your life by getting organized.

Whether it’s the piles of paper in your office or the clutter in your home, getting organized is a major time-saver. Eliminate what you don’t need, organize the things that you must keep, and put some simple systems into place to keep things from getting out of control in the future.

7. Look for ways to save time in bits and pieces.

Time saved in small increments adds up to more time for yourself. Take a look at how you do things every day and streamline how you get things done by saving time in bits and pieces. Then spend that time on yourself.

This book is filled with strategies to help you accomplish these seven steps. You will find sections on subjects such as procrastination, assessing the value of your time, turning your dreams into reality, prioritizing relationships, why we do too much, and how to stop, letting go of perfectionism, not letting clutter in the door, and overcoming indecision.

One suggestion regarding achieving your goals: Flock with birds of a feather. Asscciate with people who have goals similar to yours and who are high achievers. You’ll benefit from the communication, association, and possibly even the networking.

This excellent book can help you get off to the right start for the new year. Let us know what you think of it!

From You Can Find More Time for Yourself Every Day ©1994 by Stephanie Culp. Betterway Books, 1507 Dana Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45207; (800)289-0963. ISBN# 1-55870-358-6; $12.99 (+$3.00 s/h).

The above article is from a newsletter my late wife (Gisel Ross) and I wrote some years back. It was called Cornucopia, Ideas for Better Living. The information is still as valid today as it was then.

Jerry D Ross