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12 Tips for a Successful Business Mindset

12 Tips for a Successful Business Mindset.

What’s it take to be successful in business. So many books and messages have been produced on how success starts in in the mind.

Napoleon Hill wrote decades ago on how if the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve. So much of what it takes to achieve success begins in your mind. This is such a simple concept, but yet hard for most to put into use.

Your business mindset makes all the difference in your success. I wanted to share my top business mindset tips that can lead you to greater business success.

Your Business Success Mindset

My 12 Tips for a Successful Business Mindset

1. It’s all starts in the mind. Denis Waitley said it this way; “The mind always moves you toward your current dominant thought.” You have to put your business goals and action plan in your mind daily.

2. Dream big! You deserve it. Visualize your dreams and go over them daily. Don’t just sluggishly review your goals, but review your goals and visualize yourself already having achieved them. Dream them and see them in your mind. Make time each day to Dream Big!

3. Give out to others. Help others and it will return to you. Many great leaders have emphasized how one’s success is directly proportional to how many other people one helps succeed.

4. Be upbeat and positive in all your writings and communications. Today’s business is about relationships, and no one wants to have a relationship (do business) with someone who is negative and down. Be positive!

5. Be Thankful! When someone helps you out, thank them. Business success is often a team effort. You help others and they help you. When someone helps you, Thank them.

6. It’s OK to be wrong, it’s ok to admit it. We all are wrong at times, in things we say or do. People will respect you more if you admit it and get on with life.

7. Don’t put yourself down or beat yourself up. Your past is your past, make today and the rest of your life better and don’t worry about what might have been yesterday.

8. Surround yourself with Successful People! Follow those you know are successful in what your want to succeed in. Get to know them and contribute to their success. The more your associate yourself with and surround yourself with successful people the higher you will rise to success.

9. Have an Abundance Mentality. There is plenty of success to be had by anyone who goes for it. More and more millionaires are made every year. There is no reason you shouldn’t be one of them. Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve abundance.

10. Take ACTION! Massive Action brings Massive Results. Don’t wait until things are perfect; They never will be. Take action, every day. Move forward in your business.

11. Have Balance! Business success takes a lot of work, so work hard. But have balance in your life. Take time for family and friends. Find time for yourself. Don’t get burned out. Have balance!

12. Never Quit! Never Quit! Never Quit! Did I say, Never Quit??? It’s worth the effort today so you can live your dreams tomorrow. Never Quit!

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Here’s to your success!

Jerry D Ross


7 Keys to Being a Top Income Earner

7 Keys to Being a Top Income Earner


We see those in the business who are making it big in Internet Marketing and sometimes we may wonder: what’s different about them? What makes them successful and not me? Can I do that too?

I’m here to tell you that you can do it too! The top earners in MLM or Internet Marketing are NOT better than you! They are just people like the rest of us: BUT they have changed the way the do things, and most importantly, they’ve changed the way they THINK.

I had the opportunity to hear a top earner, Ray Higdon, in a webinar, give 7 keys to True Top Earner Income. I’d like to share those 7 keys with you. They can change your life forever!

Top Earner Key#1 – Mindset

The first thing one must do to become a top earner in any business is to change their mindset. You must think differently about yourself, about money, about success. In order to be different; go from broke to wealthy; you must think differently. If you think like a broke person, you will remain broke. A Top Earner constantly works to improve their thoughts and channels those thoughts into actions. This is much the same concept of Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.


Top Earner Key# 2 – Routine

Top Earners develop a routine of doing those things daily which will lead to them being a top earner. To earner high income, you must do things each day that lead to bringing in income. You can’t just complain about your current financial situation; you have to develop the habits and routine of doing what will improve your financial situation.

Here’s a Routine that will lead to you becoming a Top Income Earner in your company:

– Create 1-2 pieces of content daily to attract prospects to you. Attract prospects that will work to become Top Earners themselves. Try not to attract deadbeats.

– Connect with 2-5 prospects per day. Find about them. Offer your business solutions if appropriate.

– Invest 30-60 minutes daily on learning.

– Exercise daily; stay in good health.


Top Earner Key# 3 – Have a Simple System

Don’t try to over complicate your business. Have a simple system that anyone can follow, such as the routine mentioned above. You don’t have to be an expert in marketing or an expert in your company products. If you try to be too much of an expert, those you connect with will think they have to be an expert as well. This will scare them off. Keep it Simple!


Top Earner Key# 4 – Become Bulletproof

You have to develop a tough skin in this business. There will be those who don’t like you. Some won’t like you just because you are making more money than they are. Don’t let it bother you that you can’t please everyone. You have to be more committed to your goals than to pleasing everyone.


Top Earner Key# 5 – Stop creating stories – focus on reality

Don’t try to figure out why people don’t respond to you or what the motive of others are. Focus on what actually happened and move on to do better in the future. Trying to come up with a story for events that happen will just waste your time and energy. Your story will probably not be accurate anyway. Move on.


Top Earner Key# 6 – Get better at Storytelling

People love stories. Build on your story of how you have grown in this business. If you don’t have a story yet, then tell the story of someone else in the business. There are lots of success stories out there; Use them.

Even if you just have small successes, they can be compelling to a new person. People love success stories.


Top Earner Key# 7 – Attend Events

Attend your company events and training events. Top Earners attend events and you will meet them and hear their stories. Events help build belief and relationships which are critical.


I hope these keys to becoming a Top Earner have been helpful. I want to give credit to and thanks to Ray Higdon for sharing his wisdom with us.


For more trainings and webinars check out MyLeadSystemPro. There you will find wisdom and trainings from many seven figure income earners.


Here’s to your Top Earning Success!

Jerry D Ross

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