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Why Use Attraction Marketing?

Why should you be using Attraction Marketing to build your Business?

Traditional MLM or Network Marketing techniques have involved trying to get your product and opportunity in front of as many people as possible and then convincing them that your product and your opportunity is the answer to all their problems. In the past it was often done by inviting friends and family to “opportunity” meetings or “trainings.” That’s putting it pretty simple, but that’s about how many of us have traditionally been taught to run our business.

Still being used today in Social Media.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing

We see the same type of approach taken by well meaning marketers on the Internet as well. Today we may use Facebook or Twitter, etc. But often times today people are still using the same basic techniques; they gather as many followers as they can and then they throw their message out to as many as they can, in hopes that someone will sign up with them. Maybe, now it’s an affiliate program, instead of a MLM; or maybe it is an affiliate program that leads to a MLM on the back end.

The product is not the issue, the approach is the issue. In affect we are seeing who can shout the loudest. We are shouting: “Here I am, Buy my product!” “My product is better than the other one!” Today, the message is often scattered out using lead capture sales pages, with the hope that some will sign up. The traditional method of throwing your message abruptly out in front of the masses does not usually yield the results you want with business building success.

Attraction Marketing – A better way!

A better method of getting your message out to the audience is using Attraction Marketing, or as Mike Dillard terms it, Magnet Sponsoring. It involves attracting customers to you because they see you as a reliable source of information and leadership. It involves you becoming the leader they would want to follow; the expert they would trust to tell them the truth and then sell them useful, effective products.

There are many ways to build that reputation of being a leader, an expert, a trustworthy business partner. Those methods include using Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Websites, or a number of other mediums. The point is not which medium to use, but how to use it.

Here are a few basic ways to succeed in Attraction Marketing:


1. Know your audience and address their issues.

Are they other business owners? Then provide business information and solutions.

2. Provide valuable information to your audience.

When you provide value and useful solutions to peoples problems, they will want to come back for more of your information and solutions.

3. Be likable.

No one wants to do business with or follow someone who is not likable. Even in the seemingly small things like your pictures, be likable: Smile in your pictures or videos. Be positive in you messages. Be likable.

4. Let your products or services naturally flow from your material.

Don’t shout out at your audience that you have the only product worth considering. Let you offers flow from you messages and let you audience choose to accept the offers as they desire.

5. Provide Solutions!

People are looking for solutions to their problems. Business tips. How to instructions. Time management techniques. Provide answers to the issues a business owner would have.

Help your audience feel welcome and cared about. Draw them to you with honey, don’t drive them away with vinegar. Be a friend and leader who can be relied upon to provide trustworthy solutions to life’s problems.

Here’s to your Attraction Marketing Success!

Jerry D Ross

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MLM Questions Answered

If you’re new to Internet marketing or MLM, you may be like so many others who have questions and concerns. There are several questions that new marketers commonly ask about MLM. Below are just a few of the MLM questions along with answers.

Q. What if I am not good with Technology?

Q & A


A. Being Technically Challenged should not stop you from starting and succeeding in an online business. There is lots of help available for anyone who needs assistance. There are videos and articles explaining step by step directions to setting up a blog, using twitter, or other online tools. If you still find it difficult, don’t worry, it’s ok. You’re not alone. But there is still help. Getting help from others on the internet to set up your blog or other tool for you is cheap enough that it should not keep you from moving forward. When there is a will, there is a way, especially today, with so many avenues to find help.

Q. Why is Blogging such a popular means of internet marketing?

A. Internet Marketing is all about getting people to find your site; it’s about drawing traffic to you so they will click on your offer. This is especially true if you’re trying to build your mailing list, which should be your top priority. Search Engines like fresh information and material and Blogging is a great way to keep your web site fresh, especially if you blog on a regular basis, such as daily. Blogging is just one method of internet marketing, but it is a very good and simple method to build a constantly updated information site.

Q. How do you find information or content to put in your Blog?

A. There are so many places to find content for your blogs, once you get to working on it. You have your own books on your shelves, library books, magazines, etc. One of the best places is on the internet. Many other experienced Internet Marketers have information available to review. You can do a review on someone else’s site, or their material, (give them credit, though) You should always growing personally to be a better business professional, so you should always be reading, watching and listening to educational material from other Business Leaders. This gives you and endless resource for Blogging material.

Q. Is it necessary to use WordPress?

A. No, it’s not necessary, but WordPress is a commonly used platform with many leading marketers and that’s because it works well. It is simple to set up and use and requires relatively little technical skills. Because it is widely used, there are lots of pluggins (FREE, useful extra add ons) created for it. You can use other blogging tools, but WordPress is recommended by many marketing leaders.

Q. What’s the main thing to consider when starting my Blog?

A. You need to know who you are trying to attract! Who is your Target Market? Who are you trying to get to visit your site and click on your offers? Decide who your Target Market is and begin your blog. Write your material directed towards those who you want to attract. Give them lots of helpful, useful information. Give them reasons to come to your site. Give them reasons to come back.

These are just a few of the questions that come up. I hope they are helpful.

Here’s to your Great Success!

Jerry D Ross

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