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5 Outrageous LIES of MLM

You’ve been Lied To!

If you’ve been involved in an MLM or a Network Marketing business, you’ve probably been lied to about how easy it is to succeed. Right? You were taught by you upline the steps that would help you build a large downline and bring in lots of money! Right?

Lies of Network Marketing

Lies of Network Marketing


Let’s see, what were those steps? Oh Yeh. Wright out a list of 100, 200 or whatever names. Write your goals and read them every day morning and evening. Call all the people on your list. You know the drill. But did it work? Probably not. I’m not saying one can’t succeed using these techniques, but anyone who’s still looking for help with network marketing sees that it didn’t work for them.

We’ve been lied to about how MLM works! Here are some of the main lies we’ve been told about how we could build a hugely successful business through network marketing or MLM.

1. Everybody needs this product!

Everybody needs this pill or water filter or whatever. Anyone you meet needs to hear about this product, so everyone is your prospect. Go out and tell everyone about it and they will buy it from you.

That’s a Lie. Everyone doesn’t need your specific product. People can choose from so many health products either through an MLM or in stores. I’m not saying that some are not better than others. I’ve been involved in several health product MLM’s and do see some are better. But people have many choices and don’t have to buy from you.

2. This is so easy, anyone can do it.

Really, if it’s that easy, then why have so¬† many people dropped out? Many aspects of networking are simple, but but not necessarily easy. It takes work to prospect. It takes work to change habits. For those who are shy and don’t like talking with people, it can be down right terrifying to prospect live or on the phone. It takes tremendous effort.

Anything in life that is of value takes effort to achieve. Achieving the result of network marketing is worth the effort, but it’s not easy for most people. It takes work to succeed. On those days when you don’t feel like sitting down and writing a blog, or making a video, or whatever; it takes effort to make yourself do it anyway.

3. It’s just sharing, not sales.

We were told that we just need to share the product or information about the product with others and people will buy it. We don’t have to actually sell it. Yet later on, we were probably given tips on overcoming objections, right?

You have to develop sells skills to be successful at MLM. People will always have excuses why they aren’t ready, or don’t want the product. BUT, with the right use of Attraction Marketing, the selling that is done is no longer chasing people to join your business. Selling becomes drawing people of like minds to your business. That’s a totally different type of “selling.”

4. This product sells itself.

Wrong! If you have a garage full of vitamins or filters, they will not just walk out of the garage and sell themselves. It takes work to prospect people when you try using traditional MLM techniques to sell your products.

But with attraction marketing, people are drawn to you who are looking for the product or opportunity. It’s not the product or you selling, it’s the people coming to you wanting the product or opportunity. Quite a difference.

5. You just need to Believe!

Yes belief is a big part of success. As Napoleon Hill said in “Think and Grow Rich,” What every you conceive and believe, you can achieve. You need to set your goals and have strong confidence and belief that you will succeed, but that will not bring you success of itself.

You need training and a valid plan of action. You need to know what steps to take and then take those steps in order to achieve success. Just reading you goals every day will not bring you success. Action, that is the RIGHT Action, will bring you success. These and other lies of network marketing were written about by Ann Sieg in her book 7 Lies of Network Marketing .

Without the right training and guidance along the way, you will flounder around like a fish on dry land. You need a successful system with coaching and training from experts who have tried and proven techniques to achieve success.

Don’t let lies about network marketing keep you from achieving the success you are looking for. Join a team of 7 figure income earners who will gladly share with you their proven ways to achieve success.

Here’s to your MLM Success!

Jerry D Ross

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5 Keys to Online Business Success

5 Keys to Online Business Success

5 Keys to Online Business Success

So many people have tried Internet Marketing, MLM, Network Marketing and other means of having their own Home Based Business. So many have tried and so many have failed.

No one has to fail in their Internet Marketing Business! Everyone can succeed! If they know and apply some basic keys to Online Business Success.

There are many strategies and methods of Internet Marketing; Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Article Writing, etc. One can use a combination of several of them. But the method, or tool used to Market Online is not so much the key as how one goes about running the Marketing Business.

Here are just some of the Keys to Success in Marketing that if followed will help assure your success:

1. Determine to Succeed!

That sounds simple. Right? We all want to succeed. Right? But are you really determined to succeed, against any obstacle that comes at you? A major key to success is a burning desire to succeed in what you’re doing. You can not go at Internet Marketing half way. You need to go at it with all your efforts to really succeed!
Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich, talked about how one must believe, and anything that one can conceive and believe, he can achieve. You must have a burning determination to succeed in Internet Marketing to achieve great success!

2. Be Consistent!

To Grow Your Online Business, you have to be consistent in your efforts. You need to regularly update and add to whatever method you use to market online. For example: if you are blogging, you need write a new blog regularly. If you create a blog and don’t add to it but once a month, it will not be affective.
The more you update and add to your method, the more people will find you on the Internet. You will develop a following and become a leader that people look to to find information they are looking for. In the same way search engines will find you better and give you a higher ranking. To be effective and Succeed in Internet Marketing, you need to Be Consistent in your efforts!

3. Never Stop Learning!

None of us know everything there is to know about Internet Marketing or any other Marketing method. We all need to continually update our understanding of Marketing Methods and Marketing Systems. We all need to continually read and listen to motivational material and gain ideas from the experts and gurus in the Marketing Industry. Tap into the blogs and pages of the Top Producers in your Business or Opportunity as well as Top Producers in other Businesses. Learn from those who are getting it right!

4. Use a Successful Marketing System!

You need a Marketing System that helps do much of the work for you. You don’t need, nor should you attempt to build a system from scratch. Not if you’re are just starting out in Internet Marketing. There are several Proven and Successful Marketing Systems available that you can plug into and utilize the expertise of those who have spent years learning what works and what doesn’t work. The Good Marketing Systems also have tons of free Training Material available to their members. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Use an established Successful Marketing System!

5. Give Value!

If your motivation is just about how much money you can make, then Marketing may not be for you. A major key to successful Internet Marketing is to Give useful information and service to others.
The more others see that you provide useful, helpful material, the more they will come back to you when they need other information. When they see what useful material you provide, they will come to trust you. You become an industry leader and they will come back to buy your products because they trust in you.
Some call it Attraction Marketing because you attract people to you, rather than chase them. It’s a major Key to Marketing: the more you Give Value to others and you’ll receive in return.

These are just a few of the Keys to Successful Internet Marketing. Others could be added and as you follow these keys, you’ll learn many others along the way and make your own list.

Follow these keys and you can Succeed in Your Internet Marketing Business.

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D. Ross

It’s great to meet you and feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.