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How to Become an Internet Researcher

How to Become an Internet Researcher

How to Become an Internet Researcher

Working from home and being self-employed is one of the best ways to life the life you want. If you have a knack for research, being an internet researcher may be the ideal entrepreneurial opportunity. It’s also one of the easiest businesses to start. Here’s how:


What You Need to Know


To be successful as an internet researcher you’ll need to know how to maneuver online quickly and effectively. You’ll want to know how to get online and have a solid understanding of search engines and online research tools. You’ll also want to know a good amount about a particular industry or type of research. Many marketers, for example, have a need to understand their target audience and need market research. If you understand market research, demographics, psychographics and keyword research then you’ll be a valuable asset to this industry.


Create Your Office


To get started as an internet researcher you’ll need a home office. Essentially, you’ll need a computer with a good internet connection. You’ll also need some way to document the hours you work, bill your customers, pay your taxes and store your information. Because research generates quite a volume of content and memory, it’s advised to have some sort of backup. You can purchase an external hard drive or use online storage solutions. Create a system to regularly back up your computer, and organize your information in a manner that makes it quick and easy to access.

For example, ask yourself “How would I find a client project I did 5 years ago?”

This is helpful if a client comes back to you later wanting more information or if your research projects overlap.


Get a Website


Because you’re going to be researching online, it’s important to establish yourself online as well to demonstrate your ease working online. Additionally, many of your clients will find you online. Websites can be created quite easily and for very little expense. You’ll need a domain name that represents your business, not your name, and will help people find you online. You’ll also need a website host.


Finally, it’s time to start marketing your services. Ask yourself the following questions:


* What type of internet researcher are you?

* Do you do market research, informational research or both?

* Do you charge by the hour or by the project?

* How much do you charge?

* Do you specialize in an industry or niche topic? If so, what is it?

* Why should they hire you? What makes you unique and what benefit do you offer businesses?

* How will you tell people about your business?


Options include but are not limited to:

o Social networking

o Online advertising

o Press release

o Search engine optimization

o Article marketing

o Flyers, brochures and print ads

o Partnering with relevant businesses to cross promote


A Few Additional Considerations

You’ll also want to make a few decisions about your work from home life. For example, how many hours will you work each day/week? How will you bill clients, for example do you require a deposit? Will you use PayPal? Will you accept checks? You’ll also want to decide where you’re going to open your business checking/savings account and what type of business entity you’re going to have – LLC, Sole proprietorship. And you’ll need to register your business with the proper local authorities.


Becoming an internet researcher can be an amazing opportunity. What other industry allows you to learn as you earn? What other industry allows you the ability to provide valuable information to people, potentially making a difference in the world, and life the lifestyle you desire.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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Should You Use Affiliate Marketing?

Is Affiliate Marketing Something You Should be Using?

First off, in case you are wondering, what is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is offering someone else’s product for sale on your site. For example: you find a good information product which you fill is be helpful for your readers, so you offer it on your site for your readers to buy. You first sign up as an affiliate for the company which created the product. When you sell one of the products, you receive a percentage of the purchase price because were the one which actually helped make the sell.

Monetize Your Marketing

One big benefits to using affiliate marketing is that it allows you to be bringing in revenue early on in your Internet Marketing adventure even if you don’t have any products of your own. In other words it gives you a way to monetize your site from the start.

Affiliate Marketing

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Most people just do not have the money to continue marketing their main MLM or other company long enough to begin to see good profits. They run out of money before they see a profit large enough to support them. This is one reason so many network marketing businesses fail.

By having affiliate products to offer onĀ  your site you monetize your internet marketing business so you can afford to continue to grow your business.

Makes your Main Product a Back-End Product.

Most Internet Marketers have a main product that they want to sell, such as a product from their MLM or Network Marketing company. The problem with such products is that they are hard to sell. Most people are not looking for another vitamin or another MLM company. They’ve already seen plenty.

Most people are looking for the solution of HOW to market online. When you provide good content on your site and then provide good affiliate products, you build trust with your visitors. Then your followers will tend to want to know what your main product is and feel inclined to check it out and possibly join your company. This way your MLM or network company becomes a back-end product, like it should be.

Make Your Own Affiliate Product – Eventually

Eventually, when you grow you business and grow your understanding of marketing, you can go on to produce your own products. Once you have your own products, such as eBooks or Training Lessons, you will be retaining all the profit from each sale. You can see how this can boost your profits.This may seem out of your reach, but don’t be discouraged, and don’t worry that you need to be able to product a product right away. In time it will make since to produce your own products. Just keep at it!

Now consider having your own products and offering them to other internet marketers to offer on their sites or to their email lists. Consider if you arrange with another internet marketer for them to offer your product to their list of 10,000 subscribers. And consider that your product sells for $99 and you’ll keep $50 of the profit. If only 5% buy your product, that’s 500 people. If you receive $50 per sale times 500…. That’s $25,000. Do you see the potential. Again, don’t think this is out or your reach in time.

Affiliate Marketing is a Great Tool

So many companies have moved to having affiliate programs. Even department stores such as Walmart or Target have affiliate programs. So even if your site is set up to promote physical products such as coffee pots, you can set up affiliate programs with the companies that sell coffee products and use your affiliate links when showing the coffee pots on your sites. They are simple to use.

So consider using Affiliate Marketing in your Internet Marketing Business. It can be a great way to make a profit all along and help sustain your profits before you see the profits you want from your main company product.

Here’s to your Affiliate Marketing Success!

Jerry D Ross

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