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14 Key Traits of Good Learners

We all started life with no knowledge. All we now know we’ve learned as we grew up. Most people finish high school or college and then stop learning. Not Good Learners. Good learners exhibit the traits of good learning and continue to learn all their lives.


Jim Rohn said, “standard education will bring you standard results.” But you and I are not looking for standard results in our lives. We are working to achieve extraordinary results. We are working to achieve extraordinary success.


14 Key Traits of Good Learners


1. Good Learners are Self-Motivated

Good learners are motivated internally more than by outside forces. They are goal oriented and self-motivated to pursue gaining the skills and knowledge needed to advance them to achieving their dreams and vision of success. It takes mental effort to learn a new skill and master it. Good learns are self-motivated enough to put forth that effort and not quit until they learn that skill or knowledge.

Become Self-Educated. Standard Education will bring you Standard results. Jim Rohn


2. Good Learners are Results-Oriented

Good learns are oriented towards the results they are seeking to achieve. They have a goal in mind and work to achieve that goal. They have a vision of what they want their life to be like and what it takes to make it that way. Then they set out to learn what’s needed to achieve that vision. Good learners are results-oriented.


3. Good Learners are Open-Minded

Good learners are open minded in their approach to learning. They are open to other viewpoints and opinions. They are open to learn in various ways and from various sources. They are not stuck just on one or a few personality types to learn from, or just one mode of learning. Good learners are open minded.


4. Good Learners Learn from Their Personal Experience

Good learners learn from their own personal experiences; the good and the bad. They review their past experiences and learn how to improve in the future. They learn from the mistakes so that they won’t make those same mistakes again. They learn from their successes and work to repeat them and improve upon them.

Learn a skill of Reflection… The events of your life are some of the best sources of information. Don’t merely go through your day; get from your day.” ~ Jim Rohn ~


5. Good Learners Learn from Other People’s Experience

Good learn from other peoples experiences. They read books, listen to audio programs, and watch videos by other successful people. They learn how others have done what they want to do and how to apply other’s experiences in their own lives. It’s been said that Leaders are Readers. Well Learners are readers and listeners, etc. Good learners learn from other people’s experiences.


6. Good Learners are Curious and never runs out of questions

Good learners are curious and are constantly asking questions. They ask themselves, is there a better way to do that? I wonder how this successful person achieved their success. Maybe I can learn from them. Good learners are always curious and looking for better solutions.


7. Good Learners are Self-aware and Honest with Self

Good learners are self-aware. They are honest with themselves and not afraid to look at their own lives for learning opportunities. They are aware of their own short comings and honest about what they need to work to improve on. Good learners are self-aware and honest with self.

8. Good Learners are not afraid of making mistakes

Good learners are not afraid of making mistakes. They know they’re not perfect and will make mistakes. But they turn those mistakes into learning opportunities. They know that to succeed, they will make mistakes. They know mistakes are just a part of the process of becoming successful as long as you learn from those mistakes. Good learners are not afraid of making mistakes.

“I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.” ~ Thomas Edison ~


9. Good Learners are Persistent in Seeking Understanding

Good learners are persistent in seeking understanding. Few things worthwhile in life come really easy. Learning new skills and knowledge often takes a lot of effort and work. Good learners are willing to put in the time and effort to acquire the skills and understanding they need to reach the next level of success they’re striving for. Good learners are persistent in seeking understanding.


10. Good Learners Learn even when it’s Not Fun

Good learners learn even when it’s not fun. Learning takes work. Sometimes it’s really fun to learn certain skills. But other times it just isn’t fun. That’s when a good learner will just hunker down and put in the effort anyway. Good learners learn even when it’s not fun.


11. Good Learners Internalize What They Learn / They make the knowledge their own

Good learners internalize what they learn. It becomes a part of them and their personality. What they learn changes their lives in some way. They put it into practice and make use of the new skills and knowledge. The make it a part of their lives and actions. Good learners internalize what they learn.


12. Good Learners Share What They Learn

Good learners share what they learn with others. One of the best ways to internalize what you learn is to turn around and teach it to others. By sharing and teaching what you just learned with others, it becomes more engrained it their own lives. Stephen Covey, in his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, encouraged his students to become the teacher and share what they learn with others. He explained how it helps them learn themselves when they teach it to others. Good learners share what they learn.

Effective people are not problem-minded; they’re opportunity-minded.” ~ Stephen R. Covey ~


13. Good Learners Think Outside of the box

Good learners think outside the box. They are broad minded in their thinking, looking at how things are being done, but thinking beyond the normal at other possibilities and other ways things could be done. Good learners are open to look at options that may at first seem un-feasible. They are willing to at least consider other options. Good learners think outside of the box.


14. Good Learners Never Stop Learning

Good learners never stop learning. Learning is a life-long event for good learners. They realize, as Jim Rohn said, “standard education will bring you standard results.” Good learners are not in it for standard results. Good learners are constantly looking for learning opportunities. They are always leaning; reading, listening, observing. Good learners know that learning never stops. Good learners never stop learning.


Make learning a life-long event. Never stop learning. Follow these 14 key traits of good learners and gain an extraordinary education which will lead to extraordinary success.
Here’s to Your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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