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It’s Girl Scout Cookie Sales Time!

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!


Girl Scout Cookie Sales are getting kicked off for my daughter’s troop. Any of you who have kids in Scouts knows what I’m talking about. Each year there is a frenzy of activity as girl scout members and their families fan out to spread the word that it’s Cookie Time!

Each year the Girl Scouts sales a tremendous number of boxes of cookies across the country here in the U.S. Did you know they sale about 175 Million boxes of cookies a year! There are about 2.3 Million girls in Girl Scouts. The annual revenues from cookies sold is about $650 Million. Wow!


So What? What’s Girl Scouts Cookie Sales got to to with me?


Just this: It’s all about numbers. No individual scout could sale $650 Million in cookies, but with the collective efforts of many scouts and parents and other assistants, the sales can be accomplished. It’s the same in Internet marketing. No individual can typically produce sales of hundreds of millions of dollars, but when you build a large team of dedicated members, then your goals can be achieved.


As you grow your presence on the Internet, you grow a following of people interested in your blog, twitter, facebook, etc. You grow a list of people who would possibly buy your products or services and also would possibly recommend your products or services to others.


It’s all about the list!


You may have heard it said that it’s successful marketing on the Internet is all about the List. Well it’s true. The larger the list of people following your blog, reading your emails, following you on Twitter, etc; the larger that list, the greater the opportunity for you to share and sell your products or services. The size of your success in Internet marketing often depends on the size of your list.


Your list is like having troops of girl scouts running around sharing you message about your product or service and getting people to sign up to buy your service or product. How would you like to have 1000’s of troops spreading the word for you. That’s how girl scouts does it. That’s how your list could do it.


It’s also about the Team!


Part of the power of the list is also that some of those followers will see what you are doing and want to be a part of your team. As you grow your team and they follow your example of growing their lists, you start to grow a network of organized troops selling for you.


As your team grows and they grow teams under them, you build a larger and larger team of followers who will be sharing and selling your products or services. Alone you could never reach so many with your products, but with such a large team you can. And you can in time see the kind of revenues that the Girl Scouts see each year in their Cookie Sales.


It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time and we can take a lesson from how they do it.


Here’s to your Sales Success!

Jerry D Ross

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