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5 Steps to Blogging Successfully

Building an Internet Marketing Business can seem a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Blogging is one method most people can use successfully by following a few simple steps as you build your Online Business. Below are 5 useful Steps to Building a Successful Blogging Business.

1. Know your Prospects.

Who are you audience? Who would want to read your blog. If you’re writing about building a business, for example, your audience would probably be people who don’t know much about having an online business and need some pointers and advice. You can be the one providing that help.
Remember also, that your job as a Marketing Professional is to Provide Solutions! What you are selling is not your products or services, in one since. You are actually selling solutions to someones problems. You are building your blog to provide solutions to those looking for help. You need to know who your audience is and then provide the solutions they are looking for.

2. Create Your Blog.

The next step is to set up and maintain your blog. Setting it up may seem like a scary thought, but there are actually a lot of sources of help available. Check out the link at the bottom of this article for a great source I recommend.
Once the blog is set up, then create content. That is, write blogs! As I mentioned in other posts, you don’t have to be an expert or a great writer. The key is to write consistently. Perhaps write a short blog every day, or a couple of times a week. Write regularly and write about issues relevant to your blog’s topic. Write things that will be helpful to your readers.
Have a Free give-away for your readers. People love to get Free stuff and when you can give them something helpful and relevant then they will gladly give you their email. Once you have their email, you can then offer them other things that will also help them. Never spam your visitors; yet offer helpful products they may want. Give them good value and they will welcome your offers.

3. Create Useful Content.

You may ask, where will I get things to write about. If you picked a topic for your blog that interests you, then surely you’ve looked at other information on that topic. Perhaps you have books on your shelfs now. Or check out books from the library. Or find information on the internet; webinars, ebooks, articles. There are lots of sources for information. As you learn and write, you’ll also become more knowledgeable on the topic and can more readily help others. You slowly become the expert. And people look to those more knowledgeable for helpful advice.

4. Bring Traffic to Your Blog.

You need visitors to your blog to be successful, and the more your write, the more visitors will come. You can also use other methods to encourage more traffic to your blog. You can link to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are means to automate this for you. You can use backlinks and bookmarks. Use SEO; Search Engine Optimization.
Don’t worry if you don’t know what these things are. There is training on this as well and you don’t need to learn all of it right away. Just getting started and using the methods that interest you will get you going and as you grow your Online Business, you can add more. And you don’t have to learn any of it. You can get others to do the technical part if you want.

5. Use a Proven System

To truly be successful in Blogging, you need the support of a proven system. You need a proven system that provides training and support from those who have already succeeded in Internet Marketing and want to share their success tips with you.

Work with a coach and a system that has shown you that they know the business.

Here’s to your Great Success!

Jerry D Ross

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