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The Power of Re-Tweets

Re-Tweeting is one of the most powerful aspects of Twitter.

You need to harness the power of Re-Tweets. Your success with Twitter can be greatly increased with the power of re-tweeting. If you are new to Twitter, don’t worry; we are all learning every day how to be more effective with Twitter and other Internet tools.


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So, What are Re-Tweets? Re-Tweets is when someone writes a Tweet to their followers and then one of those followers re-sends that tweet to their own followers. It doesn’t sound like much at first glance, but consider this scenario; You tweet to your 500 followers. One of those followers re-tweets it to their 5000 followers. One of their followers retweets it out to their 200,000 followers. Whatever you tweeted to your followers is now exposed to 205,000 people in this scenario. Actually more, since chances are that more than just one of these followers re-tweeted it.

Do you see the power of re-tweet? When you tweet something that others see as worthy to be shared with their followers, your material is exposed to many other people, who may in turn follow you, and in time, go to your other sites.

So how do we go about having our tweets re-tweeted more often? Here are a few basic steps to help increase your re-tweets.

1. Re-Tweet Others Tweets!

If you expect to have people re-tweet your tweets, then you have to be re-tweeting yourself. What goes around comes around. As you find someone has tweeted something useful, share it with your followers.

The more you re-tweet other peoples tweets, the more others will share your tweets with their followers. If you like something, retweet it. Of course, keep balance in how much you retweet; don’t spam. So, Re-tweet others.

2. Don’t use Tweeter’s Built in Retweet Link.

Twitter has a built in Retweet link under each tweet. Don’t Use it! Use the “traditional” method of Retweeting. This “traditional” method is where you copy the first tweet as a new tweet and paste it into a new tweet. You preference it with “RT @username” with username being the username of the one who tweeted it before you. There is a space between RT and @, but not between @ and username.

It would look like this:

RT @johndoe This was the original tweet by John Doe Twitter user. www.johndoe.somewhere

Why use the “traditional” method. By putting the first person’s Twitter name in the retweet, you are publicly recognizing them. You are introducing this other person to your followers. You are raising their worth in the eyes of your followers.

If you use Twitter’s built in Retweet process, it does not allow you to edit the tweet as coming from you and recognizing the first person. This is a big difference. So use the “traditional” method of retweeting.

3. Make your Tweets Re-Tweetable.

If you want to be retweeted, then your tweets need to be worth retweeting. Make sense? Tweet things that others would want to share with their followers.

When someone retweets what you tweeted, they are telling their followers that they approve of what you wrote. For someone with lots of followers, say, 100,000, they will probably think twice before sharing a tweet from someone else. So make your tweets worthy of being retweeted.

Keep your tweets short. If you fill up the characters allowed in a tweet, it’s hard for someone to retweet it and add your username.  Make the content good, worthy of being passed on to others.

These are just a few simple tips to help increase you Twitter success. Use these simple tips to increase your material being retweeted by others.

Here’s to Your Re-Tweeting Success!

Jerry D Ross


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