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3 Feet From Gold!

Just 3 Feet From Success!

Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, talked about his uncle who got the gold fever and went out west to look for gold. In his story he told how his uncle found gold and got enthusiastic about striking it rich. He went back home and borrowed money to invest in a machine to mine the gold.

Sure enough, he found gold. But it wasn’t long before the run of gold ran out. He lost the vein. He kept digging and digging, trying to pick up the vein of gold again, but didn’t find it.

3 Feet From Gold

3 Feet From Gold


Finally, he gave up and sold the machinery to a junk man for a few hundred dollars and went home. As the story goes, the junk man got a mining engineer to study the mine and give him his advice. The mining engineer told the junk man that the vein would be just three feet from where the uncle had stopped drilling.

So, the junk man drilled where the engineer told him to drill and struck it rich! He found the Gold JUST THREE FEET from where the uncle had given up.

The junk man had called in the experts. He had taken the advice of the experts. He had taken action! The uncle had given up. The junk man struck it rich!

The uncle later used the lesson he learned in this experience to become rich himself by applying the principle of not giving up. He learned a valuable lesson that paid off in the long run.

What can we learn?


1. Bring in the Experts!

There are so many people in the Internet Marketing and MLM industry who have made their wealth applying simple techniques. Use the expertise of those who have made the mistakes and proven it will work when done right. Listen to the seven figure income earners who are glad to share their knowledge with you.

2. Take Action!

Don’t just keep learning HOW to do this business. TAKE ACTION and actually DO this business. Decide on the method(s) you will use to reach your gold and then take action!

3. Don’t Give Up!

Your goal may just be a few steps away. Don’t give up! If it seems to not be working, start back with step #1. Go back to the experts; Re-affirm that you are taking the right action. Then continue to take action. Do the things that will lead to success. Never Give Up!

“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step BEYOND their greatest failure.” — Napoleon Hill.

Remember; You may be JUST THREE FEET From Your Gold!

Here’s to your Gold Mining Success!

Jerry D Ross

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