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5 Tips to Attraction Marketing

Succeeding at Attraction Marketing

A lot has been written about Attraction Marketing, yet we still see so many on the Internet try to push their products on whatever audience they can find. Attraction Marketing is a method of marketing where you draw people to you through providing value to their lives and making them want to come back for more; making them want to follow you. You become an expert whom others want to associate with and learn from.

There are many ways to build that reputation of being a leader, an expert, a trustworthy business partner. Those methods include using Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Websites, or a number of other mediums. The point is not which medium to use, but how to use it.

Here are a few basic tips to succeed in Attraction Marketing:


1. Know your audience and address their issues.

Are they other business owners? Then provide business information and solutions. Are your audience health conscious people? Then provide health solutions.

2. Provide valuable information to your audience.

When you provide value and useful solutions to peoples problems, they will want to come back for more of your information and solutions. Provide valuable information that is useful and usable in and of itself.

3. Be likable.

No one wants to do business with or follow someone who is not likable. Even in the seemingly small things like your pictures, be likable: Smile in your pictures or videos. Be positive in you messages. Share uplifting and beneficial information that brings good to others. Be likable.

4. Let your products or services naturally flow from your material.

Don’t shout out at your audience that you have the only product worth considering. Let you offers flow from you messages and let you audience choose to accept the offers as they desire. When you provide valuable information to your audience, some will want to know what else you provide and look for the products you offer.

5. Provide Solutions!

People are looking for solutions to their problems. Business tips. How to instructions. Time management techniques. Provide answers to the issues a business owner would have.

Help your audience feel welcome and cared about. Draw them to you with honey, don’t drive them away with vinegar. Be a friend and leader who can be relied upon to provide trustworthy solutions to life’s problems.

Here’s to your Attraction Marketing Success!

Jerry D Ross

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Never Stop Learning – Critical Key to Success!

It’s Critical that we never stop Learning if we are to be Successful!

My family and I just returned from a few days of training and one of the big lessons I took away from it is that we always need to be learning. That’s not a new concept, but one we need to remind ourselves of on occasion.


When you’re in business, you need to seek out the leaders in your field and see how they do things. One of the keys to success is to find those who are successful and do what they do. That is in essence learning from them. In prior cultures they might call it being a disciple of those who were teachers. Today we might say follow the guru.

This is one form of learning that we use in online business. There are many other forms, such as reading a good business book or listening to trainings or watching seminars. There are so many forms of learning today. The main point is that we need to be constantly improving our techniques and knowledge through learning.

If we get in a pattern of doing things and feel we know what we’re doing, we can get to thinking that we don’t need to learn new techniques or methods. Or we may feel we’re doing ok, so don’t need to continue our education. That’s dangerous.


Most successful business owners are constantly improving and growing. They are reading new books, articles, etc regularly; they listen to trainings and motivational messages regularly; they are constantly growing their personal library of reading and training material.

If you want to be successful, you need to be a lifelong student of your field. If you are wanting to be a leader in marketing, you need to be learning from the leaders so you grow to have the leadership characteristics that make others want to learn from you.

To be successful, we need to be learners! Lifelong Learners!

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross

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