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Why You Need Your Own Site

Why You Need Your Own Site

Why You Need Your Own Site

Why the replicated site from your MLM is not effective to bring people to your opportunity.

Does your MLM or Business Opportunity offer a free web site built for you? Have you read about business opportunities which say they will give you everything you need to build your business with the website they provide? Chances are, what they are offering will not lead to business success.

You Need Your Own Site!

You need your own web site, not a replicated site provided by your company or business opportunity if you are depending on the site to bring in fresh followers who will lead to business partners; especially if you are planning to use organic traffic (traffic which finds you through the search engines).

Search engines have the job of trying to provide unique, relevant information to those searching for information. If you use a replicated site, the search engine knows there are hundreds or thousands of the same site out there, so it will ignore it. Search engines will look for sites with fresh information on them.

Having your own site allows you to provide fresh, relevant information that will bring new visitors to your site from the search engines. You can add other means to lead more people to your site by using keyword optimization or by using paid advertising to help drive traffic to your site. But a big key in being successful is having your own material.

Another plus to having your own site is that you own it and can control what you do with it. With that in mind, you should have your own domain, for example (example:, or You should avoid using someone else’s domain (example: as your main page because things change in the business world and your company could change it’s policies, or go out of business, etc. If you main site is part of their site, then they own it and can control it.

There are many hosting sites out there where you can host your own domain. One such hosting site is With, you can host unlimited sites for about $10 a month. You can find your own domain at domain sites such as Keep an eye out for a coming post on how to find your domain and host your site.

There are other sites that host domains, but the key is to own your own site; whether it’s a blog or a website. You need to be in control. You need to be able to go in and make changes and updates. This all may seem overwhelming, but there is plenty of help to assist you with every step. Continue to look through our site to find helpful information.

Again, You Need To Own Your Own Site.

Here’s wishing you great success!

Jerry D Ross

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Do you need Your Business Online?

Do you need Your Business Online?

Is Internet Marketing right for You?

Do you need an Internet Business?

If you have an MLM Business, or another type of Off-line Business, do you need to be on-line? What are the benefits, if any, of you building an Online Business presence?

I, like many others have started numerous home businesses over the years, juice, pills, soaps, Network Marketing, MLM, and other Home Businesses. Sound familiar? I tried calling family and friends, slapping magnetic signs on my car, sticking business cards on gas station pumps, giving out magazines at work; you name it. I’ve listened to motivation tapes and sponsoring tapes from the marketing gurus and up-line. Nothing really worked effectively. Sound familiar?

Why Internet Marketing? Because it works! Here or just some of the reasons Marketing on the Internet could be the right thing for your business.

1. You reach a world market!

Your web page or other Online Marketing method can reach people from every corner of the globe. It’s a global economy and you can tap into the Internet Craze. You can put your Web Page and people from anywhere in the world can access it and by your products.

2. Your Business is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You don’t have to personally be online running your business at a given time. Set up your Business System and let it work for you while you are sleeping or enjoying time with your family. Part of the key is that you need a good Business System to successful in Marketing.

3. Reach 1000’s of people simultaneously.

With an Online Business you can reach 100’s or 1000’s at the same time. With the proper Internet Marketing System, you can send out one email at a given time to a 1000’s of people who have requested for you to keep in contact with them.

4. Attract Leads! Don’t Chase.

With a properly set up Internet Marketing Business you will have people asking you for your information and products, rather than you chasing people to get them to join your business opportunity. Wouldn’t it be nice to people actually asking to join your business, or ask to buy your products? That’s what can be the norm with an Internet Marketing Business Online that is set up correctly with the right Marketing system.

These are just a few of the reasons Online Internet Marketing might be the right thing for you.

Come back often for more free information on building a Successful Online Marketing Business.

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D. Ross


It’s great to meet you and feel free to contact me if you ever need anything.