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Are You Wasting Your Time?

Are you wasting your time away?

Internet Marketers can often face a serious problem, especially when using social media. It’s easy to get distracted and waste your time, rather than accomplish the steps that will get you where you want to be; Time Freedom, Financial Success, a Successful Home Business Owner.



Your time is Precious! If you waste it away doing not productive time fillers, you will not make it to the success you are looking for. It’s too easy to spend time searching for new tools or constantly learning new marketing methods. Don’t get me wrong, you need to be searching for better ways to market online and you need to be educating yourself.

The key is to not make learning new things the only thing you do. If you are going to build a successful internet marketing business, you have to be doing the action steps that will grow your business online. There has to be a balance.

Here is a list of common time wasters that Internet Marketing Business owners can face and that you need to avoid.

1. Spending too much time socializing in trivial things.

Yes, Social Media can be a great tool in building relationships and you internet business. Relationships are a huge key in building a social networking business or MLM. But again there needs to be balance. Don’t JUST socialize on trivial things. Shooting the bull and talking about the puppies is fine in balance.

Decide what the main steps you need to be taking to accomplish your goals and spend most of your online time doing those tasks. Probably at least 80% of your “business” time should be working on those critical tasks.

2. Getting too involved in the techie stuff.

When you’re working with the technologies that internet marketers work with, it’s easy for some people to get bogged down in the technology, rather than accomplishing the step needed for success.

If you’re newer at working with computers, you may be spending a lot of time just learning how to use these technologies. You might consider outsourcing tasks that require a large learning curve for you. It might be more profitable in the long run to have web designer put up your blog (if that’s what you’ll be using) rather than take the time to learn how to do it yourself.

Or on the other extreme, if you’re like me and love techie stuff, its’ easy to spend time learning all the new techie tricks and techniques, rather than sitting down and actually writing the blog post you should be writing (Like right now when I’m writing this post, when I’d love to be tweaking my Linux operating system!)

You have to decide what is the important activities and not let other trivial interests distract you.

3. Watching Too Much TV!

Perhaps the biggest distraction and time waster for many people is the Television Set! Americans on average watch 25-50 hours of TV per week! And watching videos online becoming more the trend, those numbers go even higher. Even if we don’t spend 50 hours a week watching TV or videos, or playing games, etc.; Are we wasting too much precious time that would better be used building your business.

These are just some of the time wasters you might face as you work to grow your successful home business. What ever it is that easily distracts you from your tasks, work to reduce the distraction. Check out my post Getting Things Done! for other tips on Time Management.

The more profitable time you put into building your internet business now, the sooner you’ll have the freedom to spend your time doing what you want to be doing with whom you want to be spending it. The more you spend your time being profitable now, the sooner you’ll have the financial freedom you are wanting!

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross

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5 Twitter Tips to Grow Your Business

5 Tips for Using Twitter Effectively.


When I first started my Twitter account, I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. I’m still learning every day.

Once, I read somewhere that you should “retweet” 10 tweets a day in order to help grow your twitter presence. Trouble was, I didn’t know what it meant to “retweet.” Over time, I’ve learned how to retweet and how to do other things on Twitter. Now it’s all making more since.

5 Twitter Tips

5 Twitter Tips


I’d like to share 5 simple tips to help a new or an experienced Twitter user. There are more tips, of course, but these are 5 that I feel are useful to emphasize.


1. Watch the experts before you start tweeting much.

There are many leaders in the marketing industry who effectively use Twitter for there business. Examples of a couple to watch are Lilach Bullock (@lilachbullock), Michael Brenner (@BrennerMichael) or Scott Stratten (@Unmarketing). There are so many others; too many to mention. It pays to watch them for a while first before getting too into your twitter activity. Watch how often they tweet and what kind of things they tweet. Most do not just tweet information about their own blogs or websites. Most share works of other industry leaders. They try to bring useful information to their followers.

Spend some time watching the experts, then work to use the best techniques they demonstrate.

2. Give Great Content to your Followers.

Twitter and Social Media in general is about building relationships with others. You followers follow you because they want what you share. That’s how it should be, anyway. You need to share content that makes people want to follow you.

Share links to good articles or blogs. Share inspirational quotes. Share anything that you think will benefit your followers. One of the best ways to grow your followers is to provide information others will want to read. When your followers like what you share with them, they are more likely to retweet your information to their followers and then some of them might follow you, as well.

Become known as someone who shares useful information. Give great content to your followers.


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3. Be Socialable.

This may seem obvious, but maybe it’s not to some. I didn’t get it at first. What I mean is present yourself as sociable and pleasant. Upload a friendly picture of yourself. Use a picture with you with a SMILE. People want to be friends with people who look and act friendly. The first place to start is with a nice SMILE.

Write your Bio so people know a little about who you are; your interests; where you live; what you do. Share something about yourself that will make people want to know you better.

Thank those who follow you. You can do this with automation is you want, but either way, thank your followers. They didn’t have to follow you, so say “Thanks!” Thank those who re-tweet your content. Be gracious and friendly.

Reply back to those who send you a personal tweet. Start a conversation. That’s what social media is all about. Be Sociable.

4. Define who you are.

Find what you are all about on Twitter. What is your interests: marketing, music, etc? Define who you are and what you stand for by sharing content related to that.

People tend to follow those people sharing content about what interests them. So share content on your interests and others of like interest will follow you.

5. Interact with others.

Social media is all about interacting with other people around the world. So interact with others. Respond to their tweets. Thank them for their tweets or comments. When you interact with others, you show yourself friendly and others will want to interact with you and follow you.

The key to social media marketing is to be sociable; to interact with others; to be friendly!

I know there are other tips and ideas to improve how you use Twitter, but I hope this short list will be of help as you begin or continue your Twitter experience.

Connect with me on Twitter as Jerry_D_Ross (@Jerry_D_Ross).

Here’s to your Twitter Success!

Jerry D Ross

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