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How to Get Low-Cost and Free Advertising for Your Small Business

How to Get Low-Cost and Free Advertising for Your Small Business - Business Success Solutions

How to get low-cost and free advertising for your Small Business is an important issue, especially for a home or small business just starting out. If you want your business to make you money or even just get off the ground, you’re probably going to have to advertise. For many companies, advertising becomes a huge chunk of the overall budget, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of free or inexpensive ways to let people know about your business and get them coming back.



Email is a great, cost-effective way for get your name out there, contact potential customers, and keep existing customers up to date and coming back. And while developing an email list may take some time and effort, sending out an email once you have a list takes very little time.


You can get email addresses by simply asking for them on your webpage about a related topic to your products, asking for them from your customers when you take an order, or offering a free product or service in exchange for an email address.


Many people get emails by offering people products in exchange for the email addresses of their friends, but these are often far less useful than when people give you their email addresses themselves. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the friends really aren’t going to be interesting in what you have to offer.


Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is also a great way to get word about your business out there, and it generally costs you nothing.


The key to starting word of mouth business is not only to tell people to pass the word on to their friends, but more importantly, to treat the customer right so they want to spread the word.


Social Media

Social networking sites are a great way to start a word of mouth campaign about your business. These are sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other sites where people can ad their friends, bands they like, and businesses or products they might be a fan of.


Then, if someone is a friend, the site will often automatically suggest they become a friend with or a fan of the same things. Soon, you’ll have a bunch of people who are all fans of your business – then you can use the page to send updates to all of them about new products, services, and promotions. It’s all free and pretty simple to get started.



Blogs are another way to get people interested in your products and keep current customers up to date. Starting a blog is simple, there are tons of blog sites that will pretty much set the whole thing up for you. The trick is actually getting people to read it.


You can use different SEO techniques including microblogs like Twitter, but you also need to provide quality content that people actually want to read. Start your blog by not only talking about your business and ideas, but also those of other people. If you refer someone to a good article or great deal, they’re much more likely to keep reading.


While you may decide to spend some money on your advertising, you can still supplement with these methods to boost your exposure even more.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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4 Online Business Success Tips

A Guide to Succeeding in Online Business.

As an Online Business owner, you want to success, but often the basic formula might seem elusive. I’d like to share 4 Online Business Success Tips that will help you in your goal of succeeding in your Online Business. If you’re like most online marketers, you’re looking for Leads. Leads are the life-blood of your business. If you’d like some Online Success Tips to help take your business to the next level and bring in more leads? This video discusses what is Online Business Success how to bring more leads and cash to your business. If you apply just one of these Online Business Success Tips, it could lead to your success! Follow just Online Business Success Tip #1, will almost guarantee your success.

0:39 – Online Business Success Tip Tip #1: Produce Content Every Day.
1:17 – Online Business Success Tip Tip #2: Grow your followers.
2:15 – Online Business Success Tip Tip #3: Comment on other blogs.
3:09 – Online Business Success Tip Tip #4: It all works together so you become the Expert.

Sometimes we just want to know the simple, do this, then do that, steps to building our business successfully. For me that was a big issue, especially when trying to market with traditional network marketing, MLM methods. I was told to write out my goals, and contact my friends and family, but after that I wasn’t given good specifics on how to grow my business further in an effective way.

Business Success
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I’d like to share some simple tips to growing your business; Some specific, take this action type things. These are some simple actions that if taken day after day can greatly boost your business success. I’m not going to cover the details of how to do the action, but instead, what action to do. There is much information available giving specifics of starting a blog, for example. Here I’m giving the action steps.

I preference these points with my own admission that I haven’t always stuck to my own schedule with doing these actions steps; but when I do stick to them, I see results. When I fall short, I try to get back in the game as quickly as possible, and back into the rhythm of doing these action steps every day.

I also preference it with the point that these are simple steps, but not necessarily easy to put into practice, in the aspect that it takes determination and persistence to do them regularly. But when you do them regularly, you will see results.

Here are my 4 simple tips to online business success.

1. Produce Content Every Day

What does that mean? Write a blog post every day, if blogging is what you are focusing on. Post a video on Youtube. Write an article. Whatever the methods you are using to put yourself out there on the Internet, put something out every day. You may write a blog one day, make a video another day and write an article another day. The point is produce some form of content every day.

If you produce content every day, in one month you will have 30 items on the Internet. By the end of 3 months, you’ll have close to 100 items on the Internet. Just think, after one year, you’ll have over 350 items on the web. Every item you put out on the web, gives you that much more chance of being found.

As you link these items together; for example, putting your blog address in your articles or in the description of your videos on Youtube; you interconnect your content together which compounds your effectiveness of being found by the search engines.

Simply doing this one action item of producing content every day will boost your business success. Be consistent. If you fall back on days, get back in the game as quickly as possible.

2. Grow your Followers.

You’ll need to share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and/or other social media sites. Using Social Media is a great way to let others know about your content, but to do that you need followers. There are several automated ways to grow your followers, but here is a free method that will help as well.

Follow 10-15 or more people in your marketing niche every day. When you follow others, the tendency is for them to follow back, which will grow your followers. Re-tweet good content from others every day. Post about your content every day. Post about good articles and content you find. These principles apply in general to most of the social media sites. Don’t overpower your followers with tweets or postings, but be practical. You’ll notice others who are blasting tweets out all the time and mostly about their content and no one else’s. If you see someone doing too much in this way, use their example as something NOT to do.

There are other writings about specifics of how to share content on the various social media sites, as well as specifics on other methods on how to grow your followers in them. Continue to learn about and implement these methods as well.

3. Comment on other Blogs and Social Media.

Find leaders in your marketing niche and post comments on their blogs. Comment on 10-15 other blogs in your niche every day. Find 25-30 of the leaders in your marketing niche and try to be one of the first 5 people to post comments on their new blogs. This will cause you to become more known among the leaders of your niche. Also, the first few comments are usually more visible and more reviewed than the later ones, so people will more likely notice your post and link back to your own blog or site.

4. It all works together to help you be an expert.

You might be wondering how you do some of these things; Such as what do I write about in my blog or articles? What do I speak about in my videos? The answers to those types of questions will come as you do all of these action steps.

As you work to write a blog post, you’ll find other good material on the subject you’re writing about. You’ll learn who the leaders in your niche are as you search for material to write. You’ll find sites to go back to and comment on. You’ll find good posts you want to share on your social media sites.

As you work to find items to share on you Twitter, Facebook, etc, you’ll find material that teaches you more about how to maximize Twitter, Facebook, etc. As you look for blogs to comment on, you’ll find material you’d like to bookmark and write about later, or share on your social media sites.

As you work every day to put these action items into practice, you will learn more about Internet Marketing Success and find more and more material for your future comments, blogs, articles, videos, tweets, etc. It will become a snowball affect as you put these tips into practice.

Again, these are simple steps to take; they are not complicated. But they are not necessarily easy to put into practice, because it takes making yourself do them when you may not want to. This is where you have to decide that building a successful online business is a big enough goal that you are willing to sacrifice time away from more trivial things now in order to have time freedom in the future.

Put these and other business success tips into practice and you will see your business grow toward the success you are looking for.

Here’s to your online business success.

Jerry D Ross

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