Reasons Come First, Answers Come Second.

Reasons Come First, Answers Come Second.


What are your reasons for achieving success? Do you have reasons for achieving success? Or, do you have ENOUGH reasons to achieve success?


Ask yourself, “Why do I want to achieve success?” What is the real motivating reason for success? What really motivates you? Is it getting out of debt and financial freedom your Reason? Is providing a better life for your family your Reason? Is being able to travel, or being able to give to a charity your Reason? Why do you want the success you are seeking?


Jim Rohn wrote,

“Reasons come first, answers come second.”


He discussed how life tends to hide the answers to how to achieve our goals. We may want to achieve success, but not know how to go about getting there. Life seems to confuse the issue and hide what steps to take to get to our goals.


Jim Rohn explained how when you have Reason, you will find the answers on how to achieve your goals. He went on to say:


“When you know what you want and you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to get it.”


This is saying that if you have enough Reasons you will find the Answers. If you can’t figure out how to achieve success, it’s probably time to go back to your why; go back to your reasons. If you have enough reasons, you will do whatever it takes to achieve success. You’ll find a way to learn the steps the need to be taken. You’ll find the means to take the steps needed for success.


Jim Rohn wrote about his mentor, early in his career, telling him

“If you had enough motivation you could do incredible things; you have enough intelligence but not enough reasons.”


That statement applies to each of us. We have enough intelligence to accomplish our dreams. The problem is when we don’t have enough motivation; when we don’t have enough reasons to push us forward to success.


So a major key to success is to have enough reasons; to have enough motivation to do what it takes to learn what needs done and to do what needs done for success.


Here’s to your Success!


Jerry D Ross


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