Read Your Goals Every Day

Read Your Goals Every Day!

We read books on Goal Setting and Success, etc. We go to seminars, etc. For me I listen to success tapes on route to places. We each have our way of keeping our minds full of success thoughts; at least I hope we all do.

Many leaders in the industry, such as Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Dennis Waitley, Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins, have emphasized that whatever you think on consistently, you can achieve. But; Do we believe that? Do we actually know in our hearts that if we dwell on something strong enough and take action towards obtaining it, we will achieve it?

The great men and women of history who achieved greatness, did it, not because they stumbled upon it, but because they put thought and action into it. When we think on what we want to achieve, our minds motivate us to take action and our minds subconsciously think out the actions that would bring us success.


Write Out Your Goals!

The first step to keeping your goals in the forefront of you mind is to write them out. Just the act of writing them out help imprint them deeper on you brain.

Some leaders emphasize writing them out each day by hand, so each day you are etching them deeper into your brain. The key is to write them out, however you choose to do it. And remember that your goals need to have dates or deadlines. Your brain needs to have definite goals and deadlines to work with to help motivate you to action.DSC00520

If your goals are not written out, then they are just wishes or dreams; and they will never take shape. Your mind will go on to the next wish or dream you may have. This world is consistently bombarding our minds with distractions: TV, Radio, Games, etc. Technology has brought us many advancements, but also brought many distractions if we don’t control it.

For us to achieve our goals of real success, we must control our own minds and prevent the distractions of this world from keeping us from our goals. Thus, the point of this post.


Read Your Goals Every Day!

We must read our goals every day to keep them in our focus. By reading your goals every day, you remind yourself of the purpose of your efforts. You bring to mind the vision of where you want to be in life and then you brain will work subconsciously to figure out the methods of getting there. It’s even better to read your goals each morning and each night before going to bed, and as often as you can through the day. Anything you can do to keep you mind focused on your future goals will help your brain work out the details to get you to that future.


Visualize Your Goals!

Visualize you life already being as your goals have it. Visualize yourself living in the house of you dreams. Visualize yourself living the life of your goals. Then think out and write down the steps needed to get you there. Make your goals real! See yourself living that life you want to live!

These steps are so simple: write out your goals and read them with feeling and visualization every day. They’re simple steps, but so few follow them. Let’s not be among the few that fail to follow them and fail to achieve the success we dream of.

Follow these steps to your success!

Here’s to Your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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