Pushing Past Your Fears!

Pushing Past Fear


We all face fears at times. Fears of certain activities; such as sky diving. Fear of public speaking, dating, etc. Fears are not necessarily a bad thing. They can be the stimulus to push you forward in growth.

Fears can also be the things that hold you back from reaching the goals you set for yourself. Fears can keep you from putting forth the efforts to become a successful business entrepreneur. Fear can keep you from meeting the person of your dreams.

How do you overcome fear and push past the fears that could otherwise trap you where you are and prevent you from ever achieving all that you were meant to be? Anthony Robbins has advocated some teachings over the years to help quickly push past our fears. Below are 3 of his tips for pushing past fears.


Find Something You Fear More.

One technique to quickly get beyond your fears is to find something you fear more than the fear itself. For example: if you fear meeting a person you feel will be your dream mate, then think instead on what it would mean if you don’t make yourself meet that person. You may wind up never married and not spend the years of happiness with the person you were meant to spend your life with.

Push Past Fears

Or if you fear starting your own business, think instead of spending the rest of your life in a job you don’t enjoy because you did not step out and start that business in the area you do enjoy.

Find something you fear more than the thing you fear doing.


The Rocking Chair Test

This technique relates some to the previous one. Think of yourself in your old age and sitting in a rocking chair. As you think back on your life and on this thing that you fear today, does it matter? Is it really anything that you wish you had of done. Do you regret, in your old age, not pushing past your fear and doing this thing.

If you feel you would not regret it, then it might not matter to let it slide. If you think you would regret it in your old age, then it is worth pushing through your fear and doing it. Use this future regret as motivation to push you forward now. Don’t miss out on all that you could have achieved during your life and find yourself sitting in a rocking chair one day, regretting all the things you should have done.


Change Your State.

Anthony Robbins discusses this technique in many of his messages. By changing your state, he means radically change the state of you body. For example: Stand tall and firm as if you were unstoppable and brave. Flex your muscles, harden your brow, focus your eyes. Stand strong and unbeatable and then think about your fear as if you can run right over it.

By putting your body in a strong, unstoppable state while facing fears, you change your mental outlook and become stronger in your mind and ability.

You can do this repeatedly by putting your body in a strong state and thinking of the thing you fear; then letting your body grow limp. Then go back to the strong state and think of the fear again, thinking how you are unstoppable and will overcome the thing. Continue to repeat this technique to grow stronger against this fear.

Change your state to push past your fears.

By following these simple tips and other suggestions by Anthony Robbins you can overcome fears and go on to achieve the success you are looking for.

Here’s to your success.

Jerry D Ross

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