Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Today is our country’s birthday! The day we remember the founding of this great nation, the United States. This nation was founded on the belief that people should have the opportunity to have freedom and independence to produce and grow, to prosper and enjoy life and liberty. This is not just the 4th of July, it’s Independence Day!

Independence DayWe are so blessed to have the history of this nation of people who have fought to uphold those freedoms and opportunities.






Today, we still have opportunities for freedom and independence. We are blessed with boundless resources that when harnessed and utilized can catapult us into tremendous personal success and wealth. The Internet is just one of those resources. We also have our own minds and the educational resources that can give us the understanding and skills needed for freedom and success. For personal and financial independence.

With that Independence comes the obligation to share the wealth of understanding with others. With financial and time freedom comes the obligation to give to those less fortunate; to give of time and resources when needed. To spread the opportunity for others to have that freedom.

As we celebrate this nations Day of Independence, July 4th 2012, let’s remember that each of us have our opportunity for Independence as well.

Best wishes for a wonderful Independence Day! Be Safe! Enjoy time with family and friends!

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross

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