Increasing Your Twitter Followers with Tweepi

Want to increase your Twitter Followers with Interested Followers?

We see all the Twitter adds offering to get you 5000 followers in one day or similar offers. But are those legitimate, quality followers who are interested in what you are offering or tweeting about. I prefer to build my following in a more systematic way where I feel more assured I’m finding people who have a similar interest to mine.

My goal with Twitter is to share good useful information and lead my followers back to my site where they’ll find even more good useful information. If I gain a huge following of people interested in basket weaving and I am sharing information on marketing, then it’s not the best fit overall.

I’d like to show you how to use a tool I use called which has been helpful for me in growing my twitter following. With the free version of, you can monitor your Twitter account and see at a glance how many people you have who are following you, which you have not followed yet. It gives you a way to quickly check off that list and easily follow them.

Also, it lets you see the list of those you are following, who are not following you. With this list, you can quickly UN-follow them and then go find others, who may be more inclined to follow you. As a courtesy, most people will follow you back once you follow them. But some will never follow you back. These are the ones that you may as well un-follow. Twitter limits how many more people you can follow above the number who are following you, so those who never follow you are limiting how many you can follow.

That brings me to quickly finding and following people with an interest in what you are sharing. That’s one of the other great uses of With, you can find leaders in your area of interest and then quickly follow those following them. This gives you a good list of people who probably have an interest in what you are offering.

Here are some screen shots to help show you what I’m talking about.

Follow those Following You.

Tweepi Dashboard

The screenshot below is a picture of the main dashboard of As you see, the second option is to Reciprocate. That is, to follow back those who are currently following you. You may already have it automated with another tool, such as SocialOomph, but sometimes some fall through cracks and you may want to quickly follow back any on this list. One thing this tool helps with is finding those who repeatedly follow you, just long enough to get you to follow them, then they unfollow you. I’ve noticed this at times.

Flush those who are not Following You.

Tweepi Flush

A great use of is to un-follow those whom you have followed, but are not following you back. The first option on the above picture shows the Flush Tool which is used for this. Here is a screen shot showing that I am following 219 people who have not followed me back. I can check off the list and there’s a button at the bottom of the page to un-follow them. That easy. Also, to quickly check off the list, check the top person, then scroll to the bottom and hold down the shift key, then click the last person. It will check the whole list.

By un-following those who aren’t following you back, you have more options to find and follow others. That’s the next step.

Follow those who follow the Leaders.

Tweepi follow

On the top picture you will see the bottom option is to Follow followers. With this option you put in the Twitter id of a leader in your area of interest. For example in marketing, you might search the followers of Jeff Bullas using his id of @jeffbullas. Once there, you can quickly check off and follow those who are following Jeff. automatically tells you if you are already following someone, and will tell you if you recently un-followed them.

I’ve gotten to where I sort the screen by the last tweet, so I have the latest tweet on top. This way I only check off those who have tweeted in the last day or so. There are some who have not tweeted in months or ever, and my feeling is that those who are not tweeting, probably are not looking at Twitter much. They probably will not re-tweet your information and probably won’t follow you back. That’s just my approach. You can choose your technique.

So, this is a quick overview of I hope it is helpful for you or gives you some ideas you might use in your business. There are, of course other Twitter tools which you could use instead, or in conjunction with

Here’s to your Tweeting Success!

Jerry D Ross

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