Important Pages Your Blog Should Have

I have to make this a fast post with other pressing issues, but wanted to pass on a good article I read earlier today by Matt Smith over at

20 Pages every blog should have.

In his article, Matt gives insight into 20 important that should be on a blog. I wouldn’t say you should hold up blogging until you’ve built these pages, but it’s a good guide for what you should work to incorporate into your blog as you move forward. Here are just a few of the pages he recommends.

Home Page.

Obvious, right? Well, yes, but as Matt points our the home page should be easy to read so a new visitor can quickly find good information and want to continue reading.

Category Page.

A category page is great to give the reader a place to go and find your posts by the few well chosen categories that you use when you write your posts. By keeping your posts organized by categories, readers can quickly find the subject they are looking for.

Thank you page

A thank you page is important to thank a reader when they opt into your mailing list. It also can direct them to look in their email to find the link needed to confirm their opt in. A benefit of the thank you page is that it redirects your readers back to your site where you can recommend other articles or products.

I know I’m keeping this short today, but I have to be on to a dinner date. I plan to revisit this subject at another time.

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross

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