How to Turn Picky Shoppers into Buyers

How to Turn Picky Shoppers into Buyers Business Success


Most shoppers are picky these days. People are turned off by the hard sale, and by many of the tactics used by professional sellers. But, the fact is that some of the tactics work. If they did not work, people wouldn’t do them. Here are a few tried-and-true practices you can use to turn shoppers into buyers.


Nurture the Relationship

Get them to sign up for an email list to receive news about your products and or services. This works for bricks-and-mortar businesses and digital businesses alike. People like feeling special and getting special notice of sales and events happening surrounding the products they like.


Automate Your Processes

Thankfully, you can put things on autopilot with the right email marketing software like or These systems allow you to send people information automatically, leading them through the buying cycle with information that they long for.


Consider Pop-Ups

Yes, some people hate them, but the truth is they do work. They increase sales by more than 20 percent in some cases. You can make beautiful pop-ups using software like, which helps you create converting sales pages and pop-ups.


Re-target Website Visitors

A really useful feature of online marketing today is the ability to put a cookie on your website that any visitors automatically receive on their computer. Then when they go to Facebook or Google, the things they left in their cart, or the things they looked at, are shown to them again.


Always Include a Call To Action

You’d be surprised at how many people forget the CTA (Call To Action). This includes actual bricks-and-mortar stores. If a sales person doesn’t ask for the sale, or you don’t send them a reminder of what they want, you may not make the sale.


Incentivize Your Sales Process

Give your customers incentives to buy. The more they buy, the larger the discount. Let them have an opportunity with each purchase to win their purchase. Give the 1000th buyer a prize.


Encourage Referrals

Ask current customers to recommend and refer their friends and family and earn incentives. You can do it by points, by monetary reward or any number of ways, but make sure they want to refer you and that they’re real customers.


Add a Live Chat

When you sell high-priced items, it’s a good idea to have a live chat open at least part of the day to help people with questions that they have. A live chat can push shoppers over the edge to purchasing.


Turning picky shoppers into buyers will work on all your customers and future customers. It’s important to know your audience and then leave no stone unturned to make those sales effortless.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross


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