How to Turn Nothing Into Something

How to turn nothing into something.

Over the years, Jim Rohn has taken critical principles of success and put them into simple, meaningful terms. One of those principles is the principle of how you can achieve success by changing how you think. One discussion he had on this topic was “How to turn Nothing into Something.”


Below is an outline of that principle: How to turn nothing into something.


1. Start with Ideas – Imagine the Possibilities.

Ideas are in a since nothing, but ideas are almost real in a since.

Imagination allows you to see in your mind what you plan to create.

For example: you might give a tour of a house that hasn’t even been built yet. Thought the house is not physically a reality, in your mind you can see it and describe it to others. Then as you build the house your mental vision becomes reality.


2. Believe that what you imagine is possible for you. – Have faith to believe your ideas and vision can become reality.

Review the examples of what others have done. The testimonials of others can give you the faith and confidence to believe and push forward.

You can believe because you’ve done it before, so can do it again.

Belief and faith are also not real, but, like ideas, are almost real.


3. Go to work and make it real.

Once you have the ideas and vision, see the plan in your mind and go to work to build it.

Whatever it is that you are working to build: a house, a good marriage, a successful business; go to work to build it.

It takes disciplined activities to build it. The disciplines to do the work needed to build what you see in your imagination.

Create the Plan to build it and go to work with disciplined activities to make your ideas a reality.


I hope these simple principles from Jim Rohn will bring you inspiration and encouragement as you reach for success in every area or your life.


Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross

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