How to Create a List of Resources to Help You Reach Your Business Goals

How to Create a List of Resources to Help You Reach Your Business Goals

How to Create a List of Resources to Help You Reach Your Business Goals

You probably have tons of information all over the place – coaches, programs, books and websites that can help you reach your business goals. But, maybe it’s so unorganized that you can’t find anything when you need it.


Crucial Tool for Your Business Success


A list of resources can become a crucial tool for success. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re involved in, there are always some indispensable tools that you use on a regular basis, or want to use in the future – things that you need to keep close to you so you don’t forget where they are or that they exist. A well-rounded resource list can literally mean the difference between success and failure.


A Good Resource List Can Help You Achieve Your Goals


Your resource list needs to include personal and business resources. This includes currently available resources as well as resources you hope to use one day such as life coaches. Anytime you make a new goal, you may need to add new items to your resource list because you want it to always grow and change as time moves on. Sometimes you’ll move things off the list, and sometimes you’ll add things to the list.


Every Goal You Make Needs Resources

When you make a new goal there are always things in your way to keep you from achieving the goal. That’s where your resource list comes in. Whenever you’re feeling blocked from achieving anything you want to do, simply take a look at the list to figure out what you have available to help you already.


Separate the Types of Resources


You want to be sure to categorize the list correctly. For example, some of your resources will be internal and some external. You’ll have resources that will help with your mindset, and resources that will help with actually taking action. Some resources will be time centered and others will simply give you support such as a Mastermind group. Give them whatever categories that work for you.


Make a Private Web Page


One way to keep track of everything is to create a private webpage for your use only. If you use WordPress, it’s very easy to make a new page and simply put the links in the categories you want so that you can find the resources anytime you want. You can take this one step further by putting your own affiliate links in the page so that you can offer the list to your friends or fans when they ask you what you use for something.


Create a Word Document


Start a new file folder in “My Documents” on your computer, or in Google Drive or Dropbox so that it’s available to you in the cloud at any time you need it, and simply add the links to the document each time you find something you can use to help you in your business. That way it’s available to you anytime you need help.


Make a Notebook


Some people still like things done “old school” which requires a three ring binder. You’ll simply print out your Word pages, and if they are links to websites, include the actual URL so that you can find it. You can even make a QR code so that you can easily link to the resource using your smartphone.


Whatever you choose to go on your resource list, nothing is wrong. The list will keep growing and becoming more inclusive as time goes on. You’ll sometimes remove things, and sometimes you’ll add things. But, the important thing is that each time you have a new goal, look at your resource list first to see what you have already to help make your goals come true.


Here’s to your Success!

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