How to Change Your Life in 21 Days!

How to Change Your Life in 21 Day!


1402725_55047002_1200We all have things we want to change in our lives but seem to never make that change. We know we need to change that area. We know making the change would bring us closer to the success we want, but we just don’t make it happen.


Jim Rohn said “Success is something you attract and accumulate by the person you become.” To become successful, you have to become a different person. You have to develop the habits of a successful person. So what’s keeping you from becoming the person that would bring you the success you want?


Your HABITS are keeping you from becoming successful!


One of the big things preventing you from becoming successful is something we’ve already touched on: Habits. Your habits; the things you do habitually, have put you in the situation you are in. If you have the habit of sitting and watching hours of TV every evening, or playing video games all evening, then you probably are not far along getting your business up and running.


The habits you’ve had during your life up to today have created the world you live in today. If your habits have been to waste your time away each day and sleep late each day instead of using your spare time to learn new skills and build your business, then those habits have put you where you are.


On the other hand if your habits have been to use your evenings and other spare time to learn new skills and work on developing yourself and building your business, they those habits have put you closer to your success goals. Habits and discipline are the building blocks of success!


How to change your habits and your life in 21 days!


But how do you change your habits? It’s really simple to do! But it’s hard to do, as well. You change your habits by simply taking one issue at a time and work on that one habit. Then you move on to another habit.


Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, worked to change his bad habits by replacing them with good habits. He set out to develop 13 virtues which he felt he was missing and needed to develop in his life. He didn’t try to change all 13 virtues at the same time. He worked on one till he got it down, then moved on to another one. Developing these 13 virtues as well as the discipline he developed in the process helped make him the successful man that he was in many areas of life.

It typically takes just 21 days to change a habit and make it yours. Then you can move on to the next habit that needs changes.


My face shaving experiment.


I wanted to prove this habit changing concept to myself. Years ago I set out to prove to myself that it actually worked. I decided to change something simple as a test.

My challenge to myself: shave the opposite side of my face first each morning for 21 days. Sounds simple but it was actually a challenge. We form deep habits so that we do things without even thinking. That was the case with my shaving routine. I always shaved the left side of my face first, then the right. My challenge was to switch it and shave the right side first for 21 days.

It was actually hard to remember to start on the right side each day. Some days I’d have to stop myself as I started shaving my left side and force myself to think what I was doing. It was hard, but with each day that I did it got easier. Eventually (after 21 days) it became an engrained habit that I still have to this day.


The lesson for us today.


The lesson I learned then, which still applies to my life and yours, is that we can change any habit we want to if we just put the effort into it to do it one day at a time for 21 days. And we can work on one habit at a time to develop skills and habits to achieve success. Success is not a one-time change. You don’t develop yourself into a successful person in one step. And you don’t develop yourself into a successful person in one day.


It takes changing many little things in your life. Each of these little things builds into the whole changing of yourself into a more successful person. It also takes working on those little things one day at a time until it becomes an engrained habit.


In 21 days you can make a new habit. With each habit you develop; each bad habit you overcome, you become more excited and committed to change more things and develop more good habits. Each new habit leads to another. Each new habit makes it easier to work on the next. In 21 days you can be well on your way to developing the new you.


You can change your life in 21 days!


So what’s stopping you? Let’s get started today on a new life; a life of success and achievement. Start today on one new habit. In 21 days you’ll have it down and that will propel you forward onto the next habit and a better, more successful you.
Here’s to our Success!


Jerry D Ross


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