How often should you Tweet?

How often should you Tweet?

That is a question which has been discussed and debated, probably since Twitter began. There are views which vary widely about how often you should tweet. Some say only 1 or so tweets a day. Some think maybe 10 per day. What’s the answer? How often should you tweet?

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I won’t claim to have the perfect answer, but I would like to give my insights into this issue and hopefully offer some useful suggestions for you.




What’s your Purpose for Tweeting?

Some of the answer to how often to tweet has to do with why your are tweeting. That’s a question you need to answer. For most people using Twitter for online marketing, Tweeting is a way to build your brand, to build your reputation as a leader with understanding of marketing and with helpful information for others.

With this approach you would tweet helpful links to useful information, or motivational quotes, etc. In this case you might tweet several times a day to share several helpful links to yours and others blogs, etc. Or you might share multiple motivational quotes during the day.

If you purpose is to share with your followers your latest blog or update, then perhaps only a couple of tweets will do.

Don’t be Obtrusive.

We have all probably seen someone blast out 10-15 tweets in a matter of seconds with the same of similar sales pitches. Or we’ve seen the person who only sends out links to sales pitching landing pages poorly disguised as articles. Most of us find this type of tweeting a waste of our time. Don’t be offensive to those who follow you.

Offer Value!

If you offer valuable content in your tweets most people will welcome a few tweets a day. Some might even be anxious to receive your next tweet; IF it’s of value. Make you tweets something your followers want to receive; Good quotes; Re-tweet good material you’ve found; Links to your valuable posts or material. If the material you tweet is of no redeeming value, then some people would feel that even one tweet a day is too many. People want value; they want solutions.

Re-Tweet other good stuff.

To tie in with the previous point, re-tweet other tweets that you find helpful: good quotes, good posts, etc. This is a great way to build up your reputation among other tweeters. As you re-tweet good stuff from others, they see you as a valuable player.

Also, the more you re-tweet others material, the more likely your material will be re-tweeted by others. And the more valuable your tweets are, the more like they will be re-tweeted. See my post, The Power of Re-Tweets for more details on the benefits of re-tweeting.


So, how often should you tweet? There is now definite one shoe fits all answer. With the various automation tools available, there are many choices and timing for tweeting. How often you tweet is a personal decision based on several factors. I hope that the material here gives you some help in making that decision.

Comments are welcome!

Here’s to your tweeting success!

Jerry D Ross

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