How to Grow Twitter Beyond 2000 Limit

How to Exceed the 2000 Limit in Twitter.

If you’ve tried to follow more than 2000 people in Twitter, you may have already encountered the Twitter error that tells you that you have reached your limit.Twitter 2000

When working to grow your Twitter following with interested followers, often people use the method of first following those who are following leaders in their niche. In this process, you might find a leader in your niche and add them as your followers in Twitter with the expectation that many of them will follow you back. Of course you could go buy followers, but many feel the quality of those followers may be less than what we want. So many feel the best way is to build the list yourself.

The problem is that once you reach a Following of 2000, while you still do not have many followers, then Twitter will block you from adding more to your following.

For Example: say you have 40 followers and you attempt to follow more than 2000 people, Twitter will block you from following more. Twitter has this in place in an attempt to stop spamming and unethical behavior.

This is probably just as well for a beginner in Twitter anyway because many feel you should have about equal amounts of followers as you are following, or more followers. Some say it’s best to have about a 1:1 ratio, that is have about as many followers as you do friends following you. Or eventually have more followers than those you follow.

Once you get to the point where you have the first 2000 followers, then Twitter allows you to have 180 more friends than followers. Meaning you can follow 180 more people than are following you.

The problem becomes how to grow those first 2000 followers, and also how to work best with those 180 extra to grow your followers further. Some of those you follow will not follow back, so they are taking up your quota of friends without reciprocating back by following you. You need to get them off your list; Unfollow them. You could do this manually, but there are several automated solutions to help with it.

2 Free Automation Solutions


One automated solution I found useful both for helping get to the 2000 follows mark, as well as helping move beyond 2000 is Tweepi. Tweepi examines your Twitter account and gives you a quick view of how many people you are following who are not following you back. Then it gives you an option to “Flush” or Un-Follow them. This way you can move on to follow another 180 who may be more likely to follow you.

How often you do this follow and unfollow process is a personal choice, but if you followed a group of 180, and gave them 3-5 days to follow you, then every few days you could start with a fresh 180 people who may follow you.

Tweepi has other cool features built into the free version. You can follow those who follow others. So if you searched for those who follow one of the marketing leaders, like Mike Dillard, or Jeff Be, then follow them, you are building your list with people who probably have an interest in marketing. Tweepi makes it easy to do this. It also allows you to sort by number of followers, when they last tweeted, etc. This is very useful, for example, you can just follow those who have tweeted in the last 24 hours or 2 days, rather than follow those who haven’t tweeted in months. The choice is yours.


Manageflitter is another free online tool to manage your Twitter account. I has some handy options similar to Tweepi, but some differences that make using both handy at times.

Manageflitter allows you to sort out those who are not following you back, but also has some cool features to sort by those who are heavy tweeters, or those who don’t tweet or those without bios pictures. It allows you to see more of the details of each person in one place.

Using these or others tools you can review your Twitter lists and see who you think should be un-followed. By regularly trimming down your list of those not following you and replacing them with followers of marketing leaders, you can continue to grow your list of followers with people interested in marketing. Of course if your niche is not marketing, use these same tips with growing followers interested in your niche.

I hope these tips will help you grow a large list of dedicated Twitter followers.

Here’s to your Tweeting Success!

Jerry D Ross

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