Go Ahead and Dream

Wanted to share an old article by my late wife from the newsletter her and I published for 3 years. Enjoy:

Our life seems to constantly be filled with changes. I don’t know if it’s because we’re writing this newsletter, or if we’re writing the newsletter because we are open to change. Regardless, it seems like every time I sit down to write this column, I have something new to report.

Our whole attitude towards life seems to have changed. The future is full of exciting and interesting possibilities. Sure, some of them are still in the dream stage, like our dream house. But others we are acting on now, like improving our health. Also, we have tried to practice what we’ve been preaching as much as possible.

We know that not all of you are so positive about your lives right now, and about your future. Our hearts go out to you, and we sincerely hope that life will get better for you. Sometimes it’s a long, slow process, but like we recently heard, you have to go through the valley to reach each peak. The sufferings and struggles are ultimately worthwhile—it just doesn’t always seem that way at the time.

So what can get you through? Having dreams, for one thing. We know some people who can’t visualize what it is they want out of life. Sometimes, it’s because they’ve never been able to do what they want, to they point that they forget how to want. Other times, there may be deep-seated roadblocks that inhibit them. Whatever your reason, I still encourage you to try to learn to dream, to imagine yourself where you’d like to be, doing what you’d like to be doing, then work towards it. Some goals may take a long time to accomplish, but others happen almost immediately, once you set your mind to it. It often seems that our subconscious looks out for us, and helps us attain our goals without our even consciously being aware that we’re accomplishing what we’ve planned.

The mind is an amazing thing. And so are we—it’s amazing what we can accomplish, if we only try.

It was always my dream to be a writer, and “now I are one!” as we say here in East Texas. What is your dream? Why not set your mind to accomplishing it? Please let us know about your progress. We love success stories!

Author: Gisel Gresko Ross; From Cornicopia; Ideas for Better Living.

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