Each Day is a New Beginning

Each Day is a New Beginning.

My late wife used to keep a quote near her that had inspired her to never give up. I don’t know who originally authored it but it has been a great inspiration for me over the years when I needed to keep going and pursue my goals.

I want to share it again for all my readers to keep in mind in any times when you might need an extra boost to keep going and not give up. Remember that not matter what happened in the past, each day is new beginning with new opportunities awaiting you!

Each Day is a New Beginning!

Each Day is a New Beginning!


By doing what needs to be done right now, 
we make the most of each present moment. 
As long as we are alive, 
we are always free to begin again. 
Instead of following an old, worn-out habit, 
make a fresh start this moment on the rest of your life. 
Each day is a new start. 
Each moment is a beginning.

Here’s to your Success!

Jerry D Ross

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