Creating change in your life

Creating change in your life

There is no simple set of instructions for proceeding with a personal change process. Some people can reflect and then begin to plan and implement changes. Others work with the people closest to them—family and friends—to create changes. Still others vacillate back and forth, either because they are not clear what to change or because they cannot find the energy to motivate them to begin.


Change represents a very deep commitment and consequential decision. It should not be done impulsively or initiated too quickly. First, select an area of your life in which you would like to see change. Then, spend time imagining alternative possibilities. When you envision concretely, you begin to see consequences and have the opportunity to experience what the projected change would be like in your life. Many times, the envisioning process helps you see unintended consequences, or lack of clarity in your decisions or plans.

Often, merely setting ourselves free from the way things are now and envisioning or thinking about how things can be different, is a highly creative act. We see things that we never looked at before. As you generate alternatives, let them come up without criticism. When you have a large list of possibilities, try to explore their possible consequences and results.

The methods are up to you.

Change requires a clear decision and a personal will to take risks and attempt new behavior. It often involves practicing new skills and learning new methods of response. Given the range of possibilities and shifting demands of our lives, a person who does not welcome change and learn new things will be seriously handicapped.

This article was written by Gisel Ross in Cornucopia, Ideas for Better Living. Ideas from Self-Renewal: High Performance in a High-Stress World ©1994 by Cynthia Scott and Dennis Jaffe.

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